5 Best National Parks In USA To Visit

There are many best National Parks in USA to visit. A National Park is an area used and build o protect and preserve our national environment as well as for the enjoyment purpose. A park is a place to spend time with loved ones or with family and also it ios best source of outing.

Many people visit the National Parks for enjoyment and most important to derived inspiration and for educative purpose also. There are many National Parks all over the world but we talk about the National Parks in USA at present there are total 62 National Parks and every year there are millions of visitors. In 2020 due to the pandemic the destination got effected but slowly slowly it is getting back on the track.

Out of 62 National Parks it is really tough to select the best National Parks in USA.

Grand Canyon – 1st best National Parks in USA

Grand Canyon one of the best National Parks in USA which measures in length approx 277 river miles and in width it is 18 miles in Northern Arizona this National Park is really wonderful. For many decades people from all over the world visited the Grand Canyon to have a beautiful view of the red and orange grandeur.UNESCO World Heritage Site take care and manages the Grand Canyon.

Millions of visitors from all over the world comes to visit that is why the area is little crowded. The first visitors who visited and view the Grand Canyon was from Spain who arrived there in 1540. People built and settled around the canyon and many of its caves. Click here to know about Faroe Islands.

Yellowstone National Park – 2nd best National Parks in USA

Paradise thats the word to describe the Yellowstone National Park with peaks and lakes.Yellowstone National Park is the first park in US and also first in the world. It was established by the US Congress. Hot spring large forest and most important volatile geysers. American lived in the Yellowstone National Park  for ,ore than past 11,000 years. Yellowstone is the best National Park of USA.

Every year there are millions of people from all around the world visit the place to explore its extraordinary beauty of the best National Park.In the park you will find the permanent residents like buffalo and elk.

Zion National Park – 3rd best National Parks in USA

Located near the Springdale town Zion National Park is one of the best National Park in USA. The park is 15 miles to 2640 ft deep. Here you will love explore the national park and one important features here if you will find the walls here in reddish and tan colour. Coalpits Wash is the lowest peak which is 3,666m and highest peak is 2,666m at Horse Ranch Mountain. While exploring the best National Park you will find many plants and animal species.  There are 19 species of bats only and 32 reptiles. The park has four zones coniferous forest,  woodland, desert and  riparian. Many mountains canyons and rivers are thereto explore.

Arches National Park – 4th best National Parks in USA

One of the best National Park in USA where you can visit and explore the another world. You will find here thousand of arches of sandstone red rocks and   also landforms. This National Park attracts the photographers because of its amazing lights that falls on the arches create beautiful shadow. View from here is amazing and interesting as well as impressive.

Haleakala National Park – 5th best National Parks in USA

This Haleakala National Park is also the beast National Park in USA. You will be able to see the best sunrise from here which is also known as the house of the sun. The place attracts the tourist and every year millions of visitors visited the place. Beautiful Waterfalls and hiking also attracts. Beautiful National Park to visit.

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