‘Dopamine’ Album Will Be Released In June Revealed By Normani

In June we will see the release of Normani’s first solo album, Dopamine. She is excited for this. Her album Dopamine will released on 14 June revealed by Normani a 27-year-old singer and Fifth Harmony member in the May Elle magazine issue.

Nomani Album Dopamine Explore Her Challenges

Normani revealed in the interview that Dopamine will include dancing music as well as songs that explore her challenges, such as the health problems of her parents, heartbreak, and public criticism.

“This body of work is just a representation of my resilience,” the actress said, her experiences with highs and lows are symbolized by dopamine. It’s been a wild ride of emotions. She further said, “I genuinely desired a title that encapsulated all the experiences I feel like I’ve had along the way to reach where I am now,” the woman continued. On Friday, Normani dropped “1:59,” the album’s lead track featuring Gunna.

In February, the singer revealed the album along with the artwork for the album. Fifth Harmony, a female group that Normani rose to stardom, has been on an indefinite hiatus since 2018. She has put out several solo singles, such as “Motivation,” “Love Lies” with Khalid, and “Wild Side” with Cardi B.

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