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No 1 explanation!! How to make a book in Minecraft?

how to make a book in the Minecraft 

No 1 explanation!! How to make a book in Minecraft?

How to make a book in Minecraft?? Minecraft is a sandbox video game which is developed by a Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios and a studio of Xbox Game in Stockholm. This company was founded by Mr. Markus Persson in the year 2009.

How to make a book in Minecraft is a very interesting and famous portion of this game as Minecraft is considered the best video game for learning and educational purpose for small kids.

In this game, kids learn so many important and educational topics with playing it, and while playing these game players can roam freely anywhere inside the game and can complete given objectives in the game Making a book in Minecraft is the most essential item which is a must to have with you to play the game in order to explore more possibilities.

There is a question came that “How to make a book in Minecraft”, making Books are very
simple in Minecraft, however collecting the ingredients to make the book is very difficult.

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Once you have the required materials, you need to collect all the required materials to start making books. Here below we have mention the all required step to make a book in the Minecraft game. Please have a look and create it.

Here we will tell you how to make a book in the Minecraft

1. Open the Crafting Menu

First, you need to open your crafting table to access crafting grids. You will be required the 3×3 crafting grid that looks like the below-given image, because in the Minecraft game you need crafting panel to make a book.

How to make a book in Minecraft

2. How to make a book in Minecraft – Add Items to make a Book

After getting crafting the menu, you need to place 03 pieces of paper and 01 pieces of leather in the 3×3 crafting grid. While making a book in the Minecraft, you need to be very careful to place all required stuff in proper order. Because, if you will not put all stuff in
proper order then you will not get the complete book in output.

Hence, in the first row of grid panel, you need to put 1 piece of paper in the first box, 1 paper in the second box, and then 1 piece of paper in the third box, and in the second row of grid, you need to put 1 leather in the first box as exactly given in below image.

How to make a book in Minecraft
3. How to make a book in Minecraft – Need to move the Book to Inventory

Once you have crafted the book, an icon of the book will be appeared in the box on the right side of the grid panel. You need to move it to your inventory to make it ready for use.

4. How to make a book and quill in Minecraft :-

After getting a book in the Minecraft, you can joint the book and quill. In the Minecraft game, you need a book and quill to write written books. You need the following materials to make the book and quill :

How to make a book in Minecraft

– 1 piece of book
– 1 ink sac
– 1 feather

How to make a book in Minecraft – Here you need to follow the below steps to craft a written book:

Step 1. First, you need to open your crafting table to setup required things.

Step 2. Place all the required materials into the crafting grid in proper order.
Please follow the below given order :-

– In the second row of the grid, you need to place the book in the first box.

– In the second row of the grid, you need to place the ink sac in the second

– Place the feather in the second row of the grid.

Step 3.After completing above mention stuff you will get an icon of the book and quill on the right box at the right side of the grid. Now you need move it to your inventory to make it ready to use.

Congratulations! Now you have a book and quill in your inventory.


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Can we expect “No Game No Life Season 2” as we all are waiting for it?

No Game No Life Season 2

Can we expect “No Game No Life Season 2” as we all are waiting for it?

No Game No Life Season 2 is one of the very famous & popular anime series with great art and animation, which is loved by its audience and watcher. It is based on a novel, which is written by Mr. Yu Kamiya.

The No Game No Life first season became very famous, and most of the peoples are waiting for its 02nd season “No Game No Life Season 2” very eagerly, as its 1st season was launched in July 2017.

Without the 02nd season of “No Game No Life“, how can we see its characters and gameplay, like Sora and Shiro battle and how can we see, if they get succeeded in challenges and whether they can defeat God of games Teto.

We all are in the assumption that No Game No Life Season 2 will be announced shortly, however, we never know when it will be announced because we didn’t get officially announced yet, and we also don’t know what are the chances of getting another season?

How to know about “No Game No Life Season 2”?

No Game No Life Season 2

To get details of this question for “No Game No Life Season 2”, I have examined many of the different anime series, to extract the actual reasons for getting a sequel announced, and I also tried to find out what happened when the sequel didn’t get announced.

During this examination, I found that it all depends on the source material, popularity of anime, sales figure, and people’s demands of getting announced the sequel of any series of anime.

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I followed the same thing to examine No Game No Life Season 2, hence if you would like to know whether the sequel will be announced of this anime, then be with us, to have more details and clarification about the No Game No Life Season 2.

There are very strong chances, that we will get 02nd season of No Game No Life Season in the year 2020 or 2021. Here below I have explained all 04 reasons, where we can expect “No Game No Life season 2” soon.

1. Source Material Information For No Game No Life Season 2

The source material is a very basic and strong thing for any of anime serial, as if we get a good source of material information for the serial then it is a very high chance of getting demand for such serial anime. As we all know that No Game No Life is based on a novel and the same is the source material of it.

As of now, 10 light novel volumes of No Game No Life has been released and it has two
manga series, which are based on the light novels series. The novel of No Game No Life is still ongoing and the latest volume of it got released in Japan on January 25, 2018, by the author Mr. Yu Kamiya.

To date, Mr. Yu Kamiya has written only one book in the year 2016 and 2018, and we are expecting another volume of it in 2020 or 2021.

2. Sales figure & Profit Information For No Game No Life Season 2

Sales figures and profit are very important and ideal to think about the sequel making of any anime or serial show. If the makers did not get enough profit from season one then it will be very difficult to make a sequel to it.

If the makers would need some investor to sponsor the serial then also it depends on serial one success and demand among the audience. Hence we have seen a huge profit in the 1st season i.e. No Game No Life Season, and we can expect its 02nd season which can be announced with the name “No Game No Life Season 2”.

3&4. Popularity Information & People demands for No Game No Life Season 2

The 01st season of No Game No Life Season’s become very famous, people love to watch it and it is very important that if the 01st season couldn’t get succeeded or popular then there is no point to make a sequel of it.

As makers always need and look for big fan-base to make the 02nd season of any anime or serial. The No Game No Life became a big hit and popular everywhere hence we can expect its 02 seasons with the name “No Game No Life Season 2”.

Famous Characters Of One Punch Man Webcomic

One Punch Man Webcomic

Famous Characters Of One Punch Man Webcomic

One punch man webcomic: It is story of a superhero who can defeat anyone with his powerful one punch. One punch man is a Japanese superhero Saitama, who is 25 years old man with bold head, He has so much effort that he can defeat anyone who fight with him.

One punch man webcomic is created by the artist ONE based on Japanese superhero. In early 2009 ONE wrote this webcomic version. After 2009 this webcomic became so popular that around 7.9 millions hits the screen in 2012.  This webcomic became so popular that it won many awards. The story begins with the millionaire Agoni who creates the Hero Association group to fight the Monster and the villains on the Earth.

Characters of One Punch Man Webcomic

This One Punch Man is Japanese manga (graphic or comic originating from Japan) series contains which contains no of fictional characters which is written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata.


One Punch Man Webcomic

The 25 years young boy named Saitama who is bold has so much strength that he can beat anyone with his one punch. Saitama has no supernatural power like that of spiderman but he is so powerful that he can fight anyone on Earth and that is why he got bored of his life and he want to fight some who has capable of fighting with him. According to him, he become superhero just for fun.

He follow regular 100 push ups and sit ups, eating healthy food and he is not familiar with using air conditioner and heaters that makes him different from superhero. Although he has so much strength and he broke all the records of physical strength in the Hero entrance exam still he enter in the lowest C class in Hero Association because of his worst performance in aptitude exam. Saitama follower Genos who also joined the superhero group so that he get the recognition.


Genos is a 19 years old cyborg (is being with both biomi) who became follower of Saitama when he save him from mosquito girl. He also gave entrance exam to join Hero Association and he score perfect and get in S class. Genos life was saved by Saitama and that is why he start considering him his Master and follows him everywhere. Saitama and genos lives together and shares a room whereas sometimes get annoyed with him. Genos superhero name in Hero Association is Demon Cyborg.

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S-Class Superheros in One Punch Man Webcomic

S-Class Hero is the highest rank in the Hero Association.The highest scorer is included in this categories also the top scorer of A class has also get a chance to enter in this class. This class includes:

Blast: One Punch Man Webcomic

One of the top Superheroes in Hero Association.

Tornado: One Punch Man Webcomic

Tornado is a women superhero with green curly hair.

Bang: One Punch Man Webcomic

Also known as Silverfang is martial art expert comes on rank 3.

There are also many other S-class superheros like Atomic Samurai,Child Emperor, Metal Knight and many others.

A-Class Superheros in One Punch Man

This A-Class includes Amai Mask, Snakebite Snek ,Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio, Lightning Max, Stinger and many others.

B-Class Superheroes in One Punch Man Webcomic

The next comes B Class Superheros. In this class if any superhero who reaches rank one has a chance to chose to promoted to A Class. This A Class includes Tank-Top BlackHole, Blizzard , Blizzard Bunch and many others.

C-Class Superheroes in One Punch Man Webcomic

This is the lowest rank in Hero Association. In this class is Saitama is include. Other who are there in this class are Mumen Rider, Tank-Top Tiger.

Villains and monsters of One Punch Man Webcomic

Villains and Monster are the main character because if they are not present there is no need for superhero. Villains and Monster here are categories in category like God,Dragon,Tiger and Wolf. Some of the villains and monster are –

Vaccine Man


Fukegao and Marugori


Mosquito Girl

Doctor Genus

Armored Gorilla

Carnage Kabuto

Overall we can say that you will not got bored while watching or reading webcomic. This action comedy will blow your mind. This Japanese webcomic created by One was just awesome.

Do You know “What is Computer full form”??

Computer full form

Do You know “What is Computer full form”??

Computer full form !!The computer is a very important electronic device that does arithmetic calculations and logical calculations. It is the place where you can keep your thousands of photos, videos, and many other files.

There is a big question of “Computer full form“, we have seen different-different computer full forms, which we have mentioned below, however, Computer is a word which is taken
from the word “compute” which means to calculate something or data. Hence, we can say that a computer is an electronic device that is used for fast calculation, data analysis, storing our memories, files, and many other things.

There are different types of computers with different kinds of uses, like personal computers, desktops, laptops, or supercomputers, etc. Personal computers are used for personal work, the desktop is designed for home and office uses.

The laptop is a portable computer which you can carry anywhere very easily and
supercomputers are designed for very heavy work like, in engineering, science,
space research, medical, Weather forecast and many other places.

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The computer is also considered a programming machine because it needs programmed
programming (Software) to run on it. A Computer cannot run or do anything without a program.Here we will explain the Full Form of Computer, and its related software and
other devices, like the full form of ALU, CPU, UPS, Windows, MS Office, etc.

Computer full form

What is a computer?

We have seen that many of the users are mention COMPUTER stands for “Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technical, Education, and Research”. The best abbreviation of “computer full form” has been given by many of the users and many of the users have mentioned the different full form.

Here we would like to inform you that it is only a myth because this definition does not make any sense, as people have given theses words by their own and second thing when the computer was invented it was used just for basic calculations which required a lot of updates and changes for its establishment.

A basic Computer full form is mentioned below

C – Commonly
O – Operated
M – Machine
P – Particularly
U – Used for
T – Technical
E – Education
R – Research

Let’s understand what is Computer and what are basic essential Components?

As we have mentioned above that the computer is a very important electronic device that helps with all the arithmetic calculations and logical calculations. It is the place where you can keep your thousands of photos, videos, and many other files.

The Computer full form is also mentioned above. With the help of a computer, you can store your file inside the computer in its storage which calls internal storage. Computers also allow you to store your data in external storage devices like floppy, Pen drive, CD, DVD, and external hard disk drive.

A working computer needs very essential components to perform well and provide accurate data or calculations. A computer is required a motherboard, a Central Processing Unit (CPU), A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which is also known as a video card, Random Access Memory (RAM), Read-only Memory (ROM), Power supply, Hard disk, CD ROM, etc.

A computer is required programmed programming, which is called Software to perform any action on the given command. A user needs to provide raw data as input to have output through the computer software as a Computer cannot run or perform any task without a software.

Hardware part in a Computer

The computer Hardware part is a physical part which we can see, touch, feel, and
for example, Monitor is a hardware part of the computer as we can see it, touch
it, feel it, etc, same like CPU, Mouse, Keyboard, UPS, etc are the hardware of a

Here below we have mentioned all the hardware of a computer

 CPU – Central Processing Unit
 Drive – Hard disk drive, CD-ROM, Floppy Drive, DVD
 Motherboard
 Monitor
 Keyboard & Mouse.
 UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)
 Fan
 RAM- Random Access Memory
 Sound Card
 Video Card

Why Gold rate in kerala goes ups and downs??

gold rate in Kerala

Why Gold rate in kerala goes ups and downs??

Gold rate in kerala…..Gold is very famous and auspicious in Hindu tradition and very demanding in all cultural people. In India, there is a tradition to wear gold jewelry in all festivals and functions. Gold is the purest form of mined material that we get after several processes in mine and lab. In Kerala Gold is the very famous and needy thing that’s why this is different as compare to other states in India. People considered the Gold rate in Kerala that wearing gold is good for health. Due to the Gold rates in Kerala, Kerala people consider it a good status, which increases your personality and your wealth status in society.

gold rate in Kerala

Main points which impact Gold rate in Kerala

There are many reasons for having up and down in the Gold rate in Kerala, as it depends on the daily movement and demands in the international and Indian markets. We have seen that the demands of precious metal have been decreased in Kerala, which has led to subdued price demand.

Currency movement is another factor that impacts gold rates in Kerala, as we are seeing that the rupee price is weakening against the dollar.


Due to the weakness of Indian currency in the International market, it causes fluctuations in the Gold rate in Kerala and India. In Kerala, Gold is considered an essential and main asset, that’s why it plays a vital role in marriage functions, Parties, festivals, and other kinds of celebrations.

Here we listed few of the main factors which affect the Gold rate in Kerala :-

• Global market price affects Gold rate in Kerala

Indian is the country that imports the largest volumes of Gold as per the demands and requirements in the Indian market. It is very natural and considerable that if any changes happened in the price of gold at the global level, we have to see the impact of it on our domestic market.

The worldwide change in Gold price depends on many conditions like economic turmoil, change in demand, political crisis, change in supply, inflation, and so on.

• Inflation

Since many years, investing in gold is considered very safe at all times, especially during the inflation time. During inflation, it becomes very tough to buy something in the market as inflation reduces the purchasing power. Gold prices are seen up and down during inflation and many people get scared to invest in it, however, we should utilize such conditions.

We need to do investment in something which is stable and which can be stable in the future. Many of the market experts and advisors consider and advise to invest in Gold during the inflation time, which causes of price hiking of the gold during inflation, especially you find such Gold rate in Kerala.

• Indian Jewelry Markets

Indian jewelry market, which is having a strong face in the Gold market and it plays a very important role in gold rate in Kerala and all other states. We all know that India is a very big market of jewelry, where we import the high volumes of gold which is used to make for jewelry.

Indian people use 80 to 90 % of imported gold to make jewelry. Demands of Gold in Indian markets depend on the festival seasons and sentiments, which leads to an increase or decrease in Gold rate in Kerala and India. During the festival season, gold prices get hiked, and in non-festive season get down.

• Protection against the volatility

Many people in India want to do some investments in gold to protect themselves and their families to avoid any problems or volatility in the future. Due to this point of view, Indian people buy gold in every festival and other occasions. Especially in marriage time, the bride and groom both sides buy a good amount of gold as occasion and investment purpose.

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Cartooncrazy website to get cartoon crazy anime


Cartooncrazy website to get cartoon crazy anime

CartoonCrazy is an online website where you get cartoon anime. It is having a huge collection of all cartoons and it allows you to see the favorite cartoon characters which you love to watch.

It is the best place to have online streaming for all cartoon at one place. We have seen drastic changes in the Cartoon industry in past few years. Earlier we were having limited cartoon characters, but now having a big list of cartoons.

All age people love to watch cartoons and especially in kids age. Every child is having a keen interest in cartoon shows, comics, and other cartoon stories that’s why they called cartooncrazy because we are crazy for cartoon shows and characters. By using cartoon crazy websites, it is easier to find all the cartoon shows with previous and latest episodes in one place.

Here you get the network of all cartooncrazy shows and this website gives you an option to search out your favorite cartoon by its name, style, and type.

Cartoon Crazy

What is cartooncrazy?

It is an online website that offers you to watch your favorite cartoon shows from anywhere and at any time. Cartoons are a part of everyone’s life and we all have seen many cartoon channels, TV shows, and characters while growing up.

Now we get many cartoon shows with a very good learning process, which helps a child to learn things so easily and quickly. In the current time cartoon, crazy shows are available for children and even for adults as well.

You can watch all the cartoon shows here, whether it’s a new one or an older one, this website contains all the cartoons show. Cartooncrazy website also provides you popular anime shows in different – different languages, which makes it a perfect place for all. Complete lists of all cartoon shows and anime are provided over the website. You can also search your favorite cartoon by its name, style, and type.

Benefits of Cartooncrazy websites

For all the cartoon lovers and users, who are using this website to watch their desire cartoon show. There are so many benefits of using cartooncrazy website, few of the points are mentioned below.

  • Huge cartoon list on CartoonCrazy website

On this website, you get a huge list of all cartoon characters. You just need to choose your desire cartoon show to watch it. To access all the cartoons list, you need to visit the website and click on the Cartoon List option in the menu bar. Once you click, you will get a window with a list of all cartoons show.


You also get an option to search out the cartoon with its first alphabet, like if you would like to search Tom and Jerry, then you need to click on the “T” alphabet in the list.

  • Anime Dubbed option in Cartooncrazy website

This website also offers you to access your loving anime in different dubbed language. Which makes it very useful, because many of the users want the cartoon show or anime in their local language. Having our desired cartoon show in our own language enhances the enjoyment of watching it.

To access the list of Anime Dubbed, you need to visit the website and click on the Anime Dubbed option in the menu bar. Once you click, you will get a window with a list of all Anime Dubbed. Here you can choose desired option according to your interest.

  • Cartoon Genre option in CartoonCrazy website

This website also provides you the option of Cartoon Genre, where you can choose the cartoon genre according to your mood and interest. There you can select it and can enjoy of the show.

To access the list of Cartoon Genre, you need to visit the website and click on the Cartoon Genre option in the menu bar. Once you click, you will get a window with a list of all Cartoon Genre.

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Best Gaming Review Of Stardew Valley Sprinkler 

Stardew Valley sprinkler

Best Gaming Review Of Stardew Valley Sprinkler

Stardew Valley Sprinkler is a very famous playing video game which released in the year 2016 for Microsoft Windows. Developer has launched it for Play Stations, Linux, iOS , and mac OS according to the demand. It became very famous after launching as users love to play it. It offers many of the features which are very popular, especially Stardew Valley Sprinkler.

In this game,you have to grow crop and take care of the farm which belongs to your grandfather.All the works which are done in the farm you have to do like farming ,selling the produce, take care of animals and all those stuff that are related to farm.

In this game Stardew Valley Sprinkler you will get many task related to farm which is very interesting to do, this game is becomes more interesting with these task,taking part in several activities interest the user. like you have to do crafting, selling produce ,growing crops  etc. three player can play the game together.

You reached to the right place if you are looking for a stardew Valley sprinkler. Here we will let you know about the Stardew Valley Sprinkler feature and its use during the game.

As we all know that for growing crops or plants we all need water from time to time.For that sprinklers are used.There are three sprinkler in the game which has its advantages  as well as disadvantages which are used for watering the plants in the garden every morning which decrease your stress of watering the plant.When you start farming all you need is watering the crops which is very essential for to expand your aree.If you want your farm will become healthy and wealthy then you need sprinkler. Stardew Valley Sprinkler provide three types of sprinklers which we will discuss further.

There are three types of sprinklers in the Stardew Valley Sprinkler game, which are listed below;-

Stardew Valley Sprinkler : Basic Sprinkler

The basic sprinkler is the first stage where you can sprinkle the water to your crops, plants and garden.This sprinkler throw  water in all four directions, left, right, up and  These are  down. This is the first sprinkler which you can craft in the game, and it will take time to set up the sprinkler pipelines and directions.

You will get different layouts to do the set up for the necessary sprinkler accordingly in this game. It all depends on you that how you want to make a setup of sprinklers. If you want to put it, in a neat square, or any other shape, then you need to care about the placement, as it shouldn’t occupy unnecessary space on the farm.

It can be a little challenging, placing Basic Stardew Valley Sprinkler but you  no need to worry, if you have done it in the wrong place  as you can just hit it with an axe and it will  return it to your inventory.

Stardew Valley Sprinkler : Quality Sprinkler

It throw o waters 8 crops very well, which are planted in a 3×3 square plot. This sprinkler is much better than basic sprinkler as once your level gets updated, you are allowed to spread your farming to gain more points. You need to fix it in the middle of the plot to ensure proper watering. At Farming level 6 in the game the Quality Sprinkler gets unlocked.

sprinkler stardew valley

Stardew Valley Sprinkler : Iridium sprinkler

it will allows you to waters 24 crops very well, which are planted in a 5×5 square plot. This is the best of all the sprinkler. This is the high-level sprinkler in the game. It helps you to do farming at vast level as this sprinkler covers huge land and crops.

You need to place this sprinkler in the middle of the plot to ensure proper watering to your plants and crops, in the same way  as quality sprinkler setup. At Farming level 9 in the game the Iridium Sprinkler gets unlocked. You can purchase theses Iridium Sprinkler from Krobus with paying some gold every Friday.

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Famous video game Dragon Slayer 2 !! Game Review

Dragon Slayer 2

Famous video game Dragon Slayer 2 !! Game Review

Dragon Slayer 2 is a very famous playing video game, which is an action game. It is very demanding and popular video game. Dragon Slayer 2 video game will give wonderful adventure during the game, where you will visit to different locations according to the levels of game. Here you will discover new things on the Dragons game, and will hear the brave stories of many heroes.

The Dragon Slayer 2 game backstory is not actually Dragon slayer 2 that much important, as it was for what? And what all information has been described in the game. Here you just needs to understand the game and its character to play very well to reach the end.

In the game you will find the character who looks like a cross between a mage and a ninja, who has a dragon’s army to stop corruption in the land which is getting spread really fast across the land.

Dragon slayer 2 game was developed by Mr. Nihon, and he launched its first version in year 1992.


Graphics of Dragon Slayer 2

If we talk about the graphics of Dragon Slayer 2 game, the graphic design and ratio of this game is very good. You will find good graphic with sharp content to identify easily. It’s one of the best part of this game, because the graphics added the feel of smoothness and attractive looks which gives you wonderful experience of the game.

The developer has designed entire game very well with beautiful background scenes, along with fantastic actions scenes during the game. Actually, the developer has tried to provide you all kind of graphic supports to make you more comfortable while playing this game.

The character models are selected very well according to the requirements and provided them good textures which suits perfectly. During the game, you will find that the blood of any character looks very realistic. Some of the phases you may find the very less lack in graphic design and the colour outputs, which can be ignored. So overall, we can say that it is an action game which gives the best graphical Designs.

Sound in Dragon Slayer 2

If we talk about the sound in Dragon Slayer 2 game, then you will find the sound is pretty good and the execution of it is also perfect. The developer has given good sound effect with various variety of sound. While playing this game you will feel that you are actually in the same place which is reflecting on your screen, just because of excellent sound effect and use.

You will find the character realistic while they move their body, getting hurt and doing some other actions, because of the correct sound use. The sound designer has selected the perfect sound effects for all character of this game, especially for enemies.

The soundtrack are placed as per the requirements of the game of Dragon Slayer 2, whether it is background sound, horror sound, hitting sound, pain and dying sound. You will not be disappointed or felt bored due to sound qualities and effects.

Features of Dragon Slayer 2

In the game of Dragon Slayer 2, you will find many features and tools which will help you to be with this game for long and few of them mentioned below:

1. Excellent use of graphics design –The developer has provided good cutting-edge graphics and optimized it for all the latest devices where the user will not feel any kind of lack.

2. Unleash powerful magic – In the game you will see powerful magic.

3. Battle mountainous dragons – In the game you will get Challenge from the massive dragons and reptiles.

4. Motion Comic Story It is a motion comic story hence you will get the Journey through the Realm on the hunts.

5. Upgrade magical equipment – During the game you can upgrade your equipment which will help you to win the battle.

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Know about Chia seeds in Tamil !! 8 benefits

Chia Seeds in Tamil

Know about Chia seeds in Tamil !! 8 benefits

Chia seeds in Tamil, it looks like tiny black seeds with having so many benefits, as it is a very healthy source of all nutrients which are required to our body growth and health.

It is a very healthy ingredient which you should add in your diet. Chia seeds contains multivitamins, like vitamin A, B, E and D, anti-oxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, fiber, protein and calcium.

It helps to improve good cholesterol level in our body, which protect us against the heart attack or stroke. We get Chia seeds from the plant Salvia Hispanica, which is a desert plant.

Salvia Hispanica plant is a family member of mint plant. In the market, Salvia Hispanica seed known by its common name “chia” for selling and buying purpose.

It’s considered that Chia seeds originated in America. In English it is called as Chia Seeds, in Hindi it is called Chia Beej and in Tamil it is called as “Sia”. Chia seeds in Tamil, actually chia seeds don’t have a strong taste, which makes easier it to add it in foods or drink to give a little texture or taste.

Chia seeds having its own property that when you mixed it with water, its get converted into gel liquid, which is helpful to use as a soup thickener.

Benefits of having Chia Seeds in Tamil

1. Help to reduce obesity.

2. Help to reduce heart related disease.

3. Very helpful in weight loss

4. Help to reduce diabetes.

5. Boost digestive system.

6. Help to reduces bad cholesterol.

7. Help to reduce blood pressure and inflammation.

8. It is a natural detox.

Properties of Chia Seeds in Tamil

Chia Seeds in Tamil is very famous, as it has so many good properties and health benefits. It is an important nature remedy which needs to consume in required amount to see good result.

Chia seeds absorb lots of water, as we have mention earlier hence you need to be sure that either it should be soaked in water or any other liquid which you want to drink before consuming.

Chia seeds in Tamil can absorb quarter of its weight in water. Hence it is recommended to soak it in water before the consumption. And If you want to consume it raw, then please have a glass of water after having it.


Chia Seeds in Tamil

Chia seeds in Tamil contains

An important fact about Chia seeds that, it has as much calcium as a glass of milk, and extra Omega 3 fatty acid in comparison of walnuts, and many antioxidants. It is one of the highly nutritious seed.

 Fiber – It is essential carbohydrate which is very good for our digestive system and it also very helpful to maintain body blood sugar as fiber cannot be broken down into sugar molecules.

 Protein – Protein is very essential micronutrient to build up muscle mass.

 Calcium – Calcium is a mineral which is very necessary for our life as it helps to build our bones and keeping them healthy. In human body 99% of the calcium is in bones and teeth.

 Manganese – Manganese is an essential mineral which is found in nuts, seeds, tea, whole grains, pulses and many other foods,

¥including green vegetables. It is considered an important nutrients which are required to human body, to function properly.

 Antioxidants – Antioxidants are molecules which neutralize free radicals and unstable molecules in our body which can harm our body cells.

Chia Seeds in Tamil

 Fat.

 Magnesium.

 Phosphorus.

 Essential Fatty Acids.

 Vitamins A, B, E and D.

 Minerals like manganese, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium, and others.

Read About Rahat Indori Sahab

Short Biography of Mr. Rahat Indori!! Famous Indian Poet

Rahat Indori

Short Biography of Mr. Rahat Indori!! Famous Indian Poet

Mr. Rahat Indori is well known and very famous name in Indian poets for his Urdu Shayari, poetry and songs. He was born on 01st June 1950 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. He is a very famous Indian Urdu Poet, who is a famous Writer as well. He is very popular for his Urdu Poetry, which you can hear in Kavi Sammelans. He is fourth child of his family, his parents are Mr. Rafat Ullah Qureshi and Mrs. Maqbool Un Nisa Begum.

Complete Bio & Career of Mr. Rahat Indori

Mr. Rahat Indori was a bright student during his education time as he has completed his Higher Secondary education from Nutan School in Indore, and for the Graduation he took admission in Islamia Karimia College, in Indore, there he has finished his graduation. After completing his Graduation, he did his masters in Urdu literature from Barkatullah University, in Bhopal. He has done his post graduation in the year 1975.

He joined Bhoj University of Madhya Pradesh for his PhD in Urdu literature education and accomplished it, in the year 1985. He was an Urdu literature lecturer in Indrakumar College, Indore. There he taught Urdu literature with his perfection, that’s why all students considered him as the best lecturer in the college. During his lecturer life, he started himself very busy with Mushairas and gradually he started getting invitations from all over India and later from abroad also.

He became very famous among the people due to his ability toward his passion, and very hard working for his work. Mr. Rahat Indori Saheb took three to four years to establish himself in the hearts of people and he spread the scent of his poetry, which made him a famous poet in the world of Urdu literature.

He was very good in sports along with studies, he loved to play hockey, football and other outdoor games at school and college level. Many time he became captain of sport team. In his college time, he was just 19 years old, when he recited his first poetry. Now he is the person, who has recited his poetry in more than 100 cities of USA, Canada, England, Germany, Pakistan, Middle East, and many more countries.

Personal life of Mr. Rahat Indori

Mr. Rahat Indori ji had 04 siblings including him, he had 02 elder sisters named Ms. Tehzeeb and Ms. Takib, one elder brother Mr. Akeel and one younger brother named Mr. Adil. His family’s financial condition was not so good and because of it Rahat Indori ji had to face many difficulties to setup his life. Due to financial issues in his family, he started working in age of less than 10 years as a signboard painter.

He was having a good hand in painting which made him very good in his sign-board work and soon he became best and busiest signboard painter in Indore. There was a time when his customers had to wait for long time to get the boards painted by him. Even today in Indore, you can see many shops which are having painted sign-board from Mr. Indori ji shop.

Very famous Hindi Ghazal of Mr. Rahat Indori

Mr. Rahat Indori has written so many famous Ghazal and poet, here below we have mentioned one of very famous Hindi Ghazal.


Rahat Indori


Sooraj, sitaare, chaand mere saath me rahe

Jab tak tumhare haath mere haath me rahe


Saanso ki tarah saath rahe saari zindagi

Tum khwaab se gaye to khyalaat me rahe


Har boond teer banke utarti hai rooh me

Tanha meri tarah koi barsaat me rahe


Har rang har mizaaj me paya hai apko

Mausam tamaam apki khidmat me rahe


Shankho se toot jaye wo patte nahi hai hum

Andhi se koi kah de ke aukaat me rahe



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