King The Land Family Review

Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah starred in the South Korean TV series King the Land Family, which started in 2023. The series ran for 16 episodes on JTBC from June 17 to August 6, 2023, and it was shown every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST). Apart from that you can also watch it on TV in South Korea and on Netflix in several other countries.

Plot Of King The Land Family

The story or plot of King the Land centers around Gu Won, the character played by Lee Jun-ho, the heir of the esteemed hotel group The King Group, who becomes embroiled in a fierce succession dispute. Beside him stands Cheon Sa-rang (Im Yoon-ah), a happy hotelier whose mood swings when he sees Gu Won.

Within the exclusive King Group King the Land deftly examines power dynamics, love, and familial ties. Gu Won, the aspirational heir and chief general manager of King Hotel, who is involved in a bitter succession battle, is at the center of it all. Gu Won needs to protect his standing in the organization by deftly handling both internal and external threats in the face of shifting allegiances and increasing pressure.

Gu Won meets Cheon Sa-rang, a gregarious and astute hotelier known as the smiling queen of King Hotel, amid business turmoil. After their first encounter, a sequence of incidents challenges their trust and allegiance. Gu Won and Sa-rang are pulled together despite their different origins, creating a strong bond in the middle of business intrigue and individual goals.

Gu Won and Sa-rang face the plots of individuals in their immediate vicinity as they investigate the intricacies of their developing connection. Sa-rang deals with opposition from the hotel hierarchy, particularly from Kim Soo-mi, the manager of King Hotel, who is hostile toward her, while Gu Won confronts challenges from his own family, including his father Gu Il-hoon and older half-sister Gu Hwa-ran.

The drama adds complexity to the story by exploring the lives of other King Group associates, including Oh Pyung-hwa, Sa-rang’s best friend, and Kang Da-eul. By overcoming their own obstacles, these characters add to the complex fabric of existence in the King Group universe.

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