Young Faye Dunaway Played By Janet Montgomery In ‘Fate’

Fate is a supernatural love story directed by Jonathan Baker and currently in Vancouver for Baker Entertainment, stars British actress Janet Montgomery as a teenage Faye Dunaway.

The movie will jump about between the character’s past (Montgomery) and current (Dunaway), covering a large portion of the main character’s life. According to a producer’s logline, Fate centers on a firefighter (Brandon Routh) who, while recovering at a rehabilitation center, makes a connection with a stranger from the past named Tilly. Through time travel, he discovers the one thing that can save his soul: his revelation of true love.

‘Fate’ Other Cast

The $10 million film, which also stars Harvey Keitel, is being sold by Highland Film Group at the Cannes Marche. In Cannes, Dunaway is present at HBO’s much-awaited biographical documentary Faye. Among the hundreds of actors auditioning for the part, Janet Montgomery was chosen.

“Out of all our cast members, Janet has worked the hardest to embody and challenge her character through Faye Dunaway and into her original performance of young Tilly,” Baker states. “With Janet’s background and chemistry with Brandon Routh, this [will be] an epic love story.”

Montgomery has a long list of credits ranging from “Black Swan” to “Black Mirror.” She has acted in independent movies like “The Space Between Us” and “Our Idiot Brother.” She most recently portrayed the title role in the British drama “The Ex-Wife” on television.

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