“The Idea Of You”, Different From The Book: Explained

The Idea of You tells a story that revolves around the idea that there is no age limit to finding love, challenging the traditional coming-of-age narrative.

The film, which is based on Robinne Lee’s 2017 novel, is produced by Gabrielle Union, a Dandridge sister who previously worked on the Deliverer Us From Eva stand-up. However, Lee’s original intent for the novel was altered at the conclusion.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lee discussed the alteration—in which Soléne does not have her happily ever after—but acknowledged that such changes are typical of stories that are adapted for the big screen.

“Hollywood will do what Hollywood does, and everything will have a happy ending. It’s America,” the woman remarked. “I’m not sure why. Though it’s important to you, you also have to consider the box office, viewers, and what their audience will want to see. You hope they stick to what you’ve written. I believe that when you are aiming anything at a movie audience, it’s a slightly different fanbase, and perhaps American viewers are not ready for [a tragic ending], even if there is undoubtedly a lot of overlap between readers and moviegoers.

The Novel And The Movie The Idea Of You Differ

In the book, Soléne does what a lot of women do at some point in their lives: instead of focusing on what brings her joy, she prioritizes other people’s sentiments. But the movie shows how her character may choose herself and live the life she truly wants.

The expected resolution would have concluded with Hayes leaving the watch on the table and leaving Soléne’s house following their last argument.

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