Scream VI Is On No.5 Worldwide

The “Scream” franchise is still going strong, as Scream VI is now #1 on the Paramount+ global rankings after it was confirmed that a seventh installment is also coming. Check all the information you require here related to Scream VI.

Ever since Wes Craven released the first Scream movie, it was inevitable that Ghostface would become a lasting sensation. This is demonstrated by the tremendous popularity of the most recent film in the series, “Scream VI,” which is one of the most-watched films on Paramount+ worldwide.

Even though it’s commonly agreed that Craven brought the franchise to its zenith, the most recent installment performed admirably at the box office. Its $33 million budget was more than quadrupled by its astounding $169 million in earnings.

With such incredible profits, Paramount Pictures has already started work on the seventh installment, in which Neve Campbell will face off against the disguised foe once more.

Scream VI Is Considered No. 5 On The Global Ranking

Scream is considered the origin of all the horror films that have captured the attention of audiences on TV and in theaters across the globe in recent years. As seen by the persistent viewership that helped Scream VI rank as the #5 film on Paramount+ worldwide.

With so many horror films available on streaming services, the film faces fierce competition from other entries in its genre. Even if it has greatly outperformed Paranormal Activity 2, Smile, the 2022 phenomenon, presents a serious threat.

Scream VI moves from the franchise’s typical suburban backdrop to New York, continuing the story of the survivors of the Woodsboro murders that was previously told. This is as Ghostface continues his pursuit.

Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, who are quickly becoming this generation’s new horror icons, are the stars of the cast. Roger Jackson, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, Skeet Ulrich, and Courtney Cox all make their sixth appearances.

Although the film is of high quality, a considerable segment of the “Scream” fandom is still incensed at the filmmakers‘ choice to leave Neve Campbell out of the most recent release. The actress indicated that she would like to work on the project, but she finally withdrew when her suggested remuneration did not match her star level.

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