Some Popular List Of National Parks In the World

Here are the some popular list of national parks. Our world is full of beautiful places and it is really tough to say which one is the best. But there are some factors which we kept in mind like landmarks ,wildlife, camping as well as natural resources to decide which place is the best. There are list of national parks in the world which one should explore once in a life. The natural beauty of the world is best described by these national parks.

Some of the best national parks that are present in the world are listed here to give you a little knowledge about the best. all of these places are good and full of natural resources but according to the vote and searches on the internet we had created this list of Five best national parks in the world.

Yosemite – Popular list of national parks

This Yosemite is one of the best national Parks in the world it comes on the first position. This is located in California and known for its beautiful and giant waterfalls, old Sequoia tree as well as cliffs and rock that are unique in some of the way. Very big in size about 1200 square miles but the area for tourist in only around 8 square mile. Half Dome and El Captain are landmarks that are very famous.

This place is tourist attraction from all over the world. Guides are also available here and the place is crowded. This is the place for adventure.

Glacier National Park – Popular list of national parks

Glacier National Park is located near Canada and US border, people also called it the The Crown of the continent. The place is very famous among the tourist who love to watch the big glaciers present here , many lakes and big and giant waterfalls takes your breath away.

The historic view, a brilliant engineering piece and beautiful glacier is very popular among the hiker. The park also has many lodge and hotels that you can book and stay in the place for long and explore the beautiful Glacier National Park.

Grand Canyon – Popular list of national parks

Comes on number 3 in the list of the best national park in the world located in USA. Visit the place for the beautiful serene   Arizona which is full of beauty and a natural wonder.  277 miles long and 18 miles wide end become tourist attraction. It is very famous among the tourist and every year thousands of people visit the place from all over the world.

Grand Teton National Park – Popular list of national parks

Grand Teton National Park spread over 310,000 acres which includes the northern section known as Jackson hole. High mountains attracts the visitors. The Grand Teton Park is attraction for photographers and mountaineers. In summers there were many visitors especially around beautiful waterfalls, attracts the rafters and kayakers.

The wildlife also attracts the tourist which includes bears,grizzle,bison ,anti lops and many. If visitor travel to northern they visit the famous and beautiful Yellowstone National Park.

Rocky Mountains National Park – Popular list of national parks

Rocky Mountains National Park which spread over 265,000 acres is largest of all the national park over 4 millions of of visitors visited every year. The parks attracts many visitors because of it highest mountains which rises 12,183 feet above.

The headquarters for the Rocky Mountains National Park is located at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center. Forest surrounded the park. You will also spot animals as well waterfalls and lakes also attract the viewers. Visit the place to explore and have best experience.

According to the popularity and searches on the internet these are some of the National parks that are best among the other.Visit these places and share your experiences.

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