Famous Actor Arnold’s Girl Christina Schwarzenegger Wiki, Bio, Age, Height

Christina Schwarzenegger an American producer, She is daughter of Australian American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Christina Schwarzenegger is active on social media but like to keep her life private, Let us tell you more about this personality. Keep reading to know more about her life and career.

Christina Schwarzenegger

Christina Schwarzenegger is an American actress as well as producer. She is popular because she is a daughter of the Australian American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arnold is also a former Governor of California, Arnold is one of the gems in Hollywood we all have grown up watching Arnold movie, he is world wide popular actor where as her mother Maria Shriver was a journalist, author and also a former first lady of California.

Christina Schwarzenegger was born on 23 July 1991 to actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. She is the oldest child of her parents. Born in California and also grown in and around California. She went to Georgetown University. Previously she worked as a Goop Employee and now she is well known Executive Producer and actress.

In United States Arnold Schwarzenegger is a household name because Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most influential actor in the world and also a former Governor of California. He was known for his work in Predator and the Terminator movie.

Christina Schwarzenegger has three more siblings and was raised together by her parents in California, Her mother Maria was a niece of President F Kennedy, so she is very comfortable being belongs to famous family.

Christina Schwarzenegger Suffered From Mental Health

At the very young age of 5 Christina suffered from Attention-Deficit Disorder. She began taking Adderall drug and was become addicted to it in her early years in High School. Later she stop taking it as she did not like the side effects of it she revealed in an interview in 2018.  She develop a habit or  addition of taking pills when she is in junior school. She revealed how medicine had taken over her and she become addicted to drug Adderall.

It is very challenging for her to quite drug which she was addicted but she eventually manage to it. She decided to quite and come out of it. It took her six to seven months to overcome it.

Christina Like To Keep Her Life Private

Christina did not want her personal life disclose to public she manages to keep her life private. She even delete her Instagram account. She is the older daughter of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, her older sister Katherine who married to actor Chris Pratt, she sometimes mention her sister in her books and interview not only very much.

We did not have much information about her personal life or boyfriend. She is still working to settle in Hollywood. She is working, she also made with her mother a documentary Take Your pills which is still available on Netflix.

In 2019 summer she along with her mother work on a documentary they produced and release it.It is available on Netflix Take Your Pills. The idea to produce the documentary comes to Christine’s mind based on her own experience while she was under procedure of quitting the Adderall.

This documentary she wanted to  make to tell what she have learned and what she felt during the recovery period, the development , prescription and the effects of drug.

She shares her experiences about Add/ADHD and also how she recover from it. In her words it is very hard for her to recover and it is challenging also. She along with her parents promote awareness for women‘s Alzheimer’s Movement.

Christine Schwarzenegger is doing well to much extend she settle in Hollywood being a daughter of Arnold it is not very hard for her to get work but the expectation from her is high because she is  daughter of a  renowned actor and it  was really tough for her to prove herself.

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