Best Top 5 Web Series Of All Time Favorite

Nothing is more interesting than watching a web series on Netflix to kill the time. OTT platforms are supplying to entertain yourself in lockdown. There are lots of web series available online to watch and OTT is the best place to watch these series. Watch web series on Netflix. Top 5 web series on Netflix that you can watch. Here is the list of top 5 web series available on Netflix. Comedy, sci fiction, crime, thriller, drama can watch in these topic.

Top 5  Web Series In World

Stranger Things

Stranger thing is outstanding web series on no one position in my opinion, On IMDB it rating is 8.8. This web series based on a little boy whose name is Will Byers who is missing from the top secret laboratory of government somewhere near from there.After his being missing his family and friends and also local police tart searching for the boy. They come to know about the strange mystery that the government laboratory involve with something supernatural and powerful and also about a strange young girl.

Game of Thrones

From over a year this series takes the top position. The story is based on a fiction the story takes place where there is a continent of Westeros which is fictional, King Robert arrves at the castle to tell Ned hand for his assistance as the previous one was died of some strange happenings. On IMDB it rating is 9.3.

Money Heist

It is based on crime drama series, on IMDB it rating is 8.4. It is one of the popular and most watched web series on Netflix. It is eight thieves story and what they are planning to do the most perfect robbery in history of Spain. The master mind in the series is the professor who is behind every robbery, they have locked up themselves in Royal Mint of Spain. The second season is going on.

Prison Break

Prison Break s base don the crime drama it is the story of two brothers Lincoln and Michael. Lincoln is send to prison and had sentenced to death for the crime he is not involve and his brother now stand for himself and create a situation where he also sent himself in the same prison and story continues. This series has 5 seasons. On IMDB its rating is 8.3 a must watch series.


This is a drama on historic situation based on the explosion of great Viking Chisftain Ragnar Lothbrok and about his team. The story about brave warrior and descendant of Odin. It rating is 8.5 on IMDB.

Top 5 Web Series in India


Mirzapur based on the Action, crime and drama. on IMDB it rating is 8.5 it is one of the popular web series in India, Mirzapur released in 2018 and had 2 season released. It is a story of power and struggle to become the first. MIrzapur is full of all the mystery. Bets role of Pankaj Tripatihi as Kaleen Bhaiya.

The Family Man

The family man, Manoj Bajpayee played the family man. it is story of a person who has a family and his responsibility as a family man and on other hand his duties and his works and with all this how he manage all this. It is a based on the reality ground of most of the India family man. On IMDB its rating is 8.8.