Red Notice Movie Best Review, Budget, Box Office Collection

Red Notice an action comedy movie directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. The popularity of the movie is because of its cast, the film starring Dawyne Johnson who play an FBI agent who team up with a thief which he did not want to but in order to catch a criminal named Gal Gadot.

Before this Red Notice Dawyne also worked in Skyscraper in 2018 and in Central Intelligence in 2016 with Rawson Marshall Thurber. The filme did good business and receive a mixed review from critics.

Red Notice

The movie was originally scheduled to released by Universal on 12 June 2020 but was released by Netflix.

Cast of the Red Notice

Dawyne johnson played as FBI agent John Hartley

Gal Gadot, a criminal Sarah Black or The Bishop

Ryan Reynolds play as Nolan Booth

Red Notice

where as other characters in movie played by these actors named Chris Diamantopoulos Ritu Arya,Ivan Mbakop, Vincenzo Amato, Vincenzo Amato, Ed Sheeran whereas you will also see Damiel Bernhardt in a cameo role.

Red Notice Movie Review

Due to big star cast the movie was attractive. A big budget movie starring Dawyne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds did not impress the audience. The movie was released on Netflix in November 2021.

The story is all about chasing and this two hours movie make audience bored. Big star cast Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds did not hold the movie.

The locations action scenes the credits goes to the cinematographer Marcus Forderer. The scene were amazing but did not make an impact on the audience. According to IMDB rating it is 6.6 out of 10 which is just good. Dwayne Johnson fans enjoy the movie with popcorn and on the jokes of the Rock but in general sense the movie did not throw very much good. As according to the budget of the movie it is very expensive approx $160,000,000 and it gross worldwide $70,046 as per IMDB.

So much charm the cast of the film have, big star cast great cinematography, screenplay that it touch your heart but the all this together did not make the movie upto level. Netflix subscriber must be thinking the last movie to watch on Netflix. That is all one thing but the Rock is in one place no one can take his place in cracking a joke and presenting it so well.

Some Interesting Facts About The Movie “Red Notice”

The Rock Plays An FBI Agent John Hartley, an elite criminal tracker. In the criminal world it seems he is very popular in the film that make you to watch the movie. Rock as  FBI agent.

Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds play as criminal but as rivals. Ryan Reynolds in the movie is play a master thief who collaborate with the Dwayne Johnson for a mission to catch the Gal Gadot. Gal Gadot who played Sarah seems to be serious thief.

Movie is full of adventure as you can see in the trailer also The FBI agent and a master thief when collaborate then how can be a catching mission be impossible with full of fun and adventure in the mission which they involve.

The Bull Fight is just you can not stop laughing, The Rock vs The bull very interesting scene. Reynolds and Rock fighting with Spanish bull fighting in arena as also scene in the trailer, It is interesting to see how they involve in comedy an action comedy that will be created by them in the arena.

Escaping from Prison scene the big snowy prison and it seems that both the actor locked in the prison and then an action starts that can be called action packed escape. Realizing that Black is escaping form the places and so many fighting scene happens in which action comedy included.

Overall the movie is time consuming and can be watch in your spare time. The actors as always plays a great comedy with action.

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