$70 Million Crossed: A24’s Political Thriller Civil War Movie

The political drama Civil War movie on A24 is making great abroad in addition to in blue and red states.

With Kirsten Dunst in the lead role of a photojournalist traveling through a violently divided America, Alex Garland’s picture has brought in $45.7 million in North America and $20 million abroad. As of Monday, the total amount of tickets sold worldwide was $67.3 million; on Tuesday, it is expected to surpass $70 million.

Civil War is the first movie from A24 to open at the top of the domestic box office, and it has held the top spot for two consecutive weekends. The film’s strong U.S.centric subject matter made it uncertain if it would be successful at the international box office.

Civil War Movie Become Popular Around The World

Nonetheless, Civil War has been popular with viewers around the world, drawing the largest attendance in the UK ($4.8 million), then the Netherlands ($750,000). Many smaller moviegoing markets, including Brazil ($1.2 million), Spain ($573,659), Belgium ($205,253), Finland ($180,435), and Portugal ($126,129), saw the picture open at number one during the weekend.

In addition, Civil War is the biggest movie that Alex Garland has directed. He previously directed “Annihilation” ($43 million) and “Ex Machina” ($37 million). The 2002 post-apocalyptic thriller “28 Days Later,” which made $84 million, was written by him but not directed. Alongside Nick Offerman as the US president, “Civil War” co-stars Wagner Moura and Jesse Plemons. It is set shortly, when the United States government and the so-called successionist “Western Forces,” led by Texas and California, start a second Civil War.

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