“Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer” Reach On Top 6 On Netflix Worldwide

Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer is the latest comedy show that has cracked the top 10 worldwide rankings on Netflix. Reviews and all you need to know about the show are provided here.

Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer Reached Top 10 On Netflix

Netflix has collaborated with renowned comedians throughout the years, stand-up comedy specials are one of the platform’s most popular genres. Thanks to his spectacular “Natural Born Killer,” British comedian Jimmy Carr currently holds the sixth position for most watched movie on the platform.

Since its premiere on April 16, the special has risen the charts. The special has made it to the Top 10 in the US. Even though Carr is currently one of the most contentious comedians, it is evident that his fan base still enjoys his work.

Nonetheless, a significant portion of the just released special in which Carr makes jokes about everything from identity politics to pop culture focuses on the fact that, in his own words, he has been “canceled.” Here is all the information you require on the comedy special.

Critics Also Enjoy His Work

Critics have given the special varying degrees of positive or negative reviews. The special received a one-star rating from Ralph Jones of “The Guardian,” who stated that although Carr thinks he would be fired, “it’s hard to “cancel” someone who doesn’t believe in anything.” Carr’s act is centered on a moral void. How does he feel? For whom is his show intended?

The Daily Beast’s Colette Fountain, however, notes that Carr “seems to be his way of ensuring his comedy doesn’t get conflated with his actual beliefs,” adding that “the idea that Carr has to pre-warn his audience feels borderline insulting and becomes boring very quickly.”

The last ten minutes of the show, in which he teaches a 19-year-old lad about permission, “represent some of the best Carr’s work,” and “despite the serious subject matter, it is gut-wrenchingly funny,” according to Fountain, who also claims that the show isn’t a “total failure.”

Carr’s special is only noteworthy, in the opinion of Decider’s Sean L. McCarthy, in the second hour when he questions whether being a father can still make him “edgy.” McCarthy says, “Carr could’ve simply led with the bit wondering if he could still be an edgy comedian as a father and avoided the entirely false conceit about cancellation.”

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