Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver Becomes No. 1 In Just One Day

Some of the movies on Netflix have become the best movies and have been added to the Netflix library. Among these movies Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver is also one.

Just one day after the release of the movie. It has become the number one on Netflix. It has become the part of the top ten movies on Netflix.

Rebel Moon Part Two Become No. One On Netflix

Zack Snyder, the renowned filmmaker of films such as 300 and Wonder Woman, has stated that he will be working with Netflix on a sixth installment in the Rebel Moon franchise.

The sequel was added to the canon just a day ago, and since then, it has surpassed other major productions to become the most-watched action movie in the world and in the US.

Cast Of The Movie

In the popular film Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver, Sofia Boutella reprises her role as Koba. However, she isn’t the only well-known person in attendance; Michiel Huisman and Anthony Hopkins are also there.

Despite the passage of time and the addition of new films to Netflix’s worldwide Top 10, the Rebel Moon sequel has captured viewers’ attention and is currently the most-viewed movie on the service.
“Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver” has surpassed other popular trends on the streaming behemoth, such as The Tearsmith with Caterina Ferioli and Simone Baldasseroni, to win the number one spot, according to Flix Patrol.\


The epic story starring Kora and the warriors who have survived the earlier events is reprised in this new installment of the movie. They are now prepared to give up all and fight alongside Veldt’s courageous citizens.

They had to face their past and admit their motivation for fighting to protect this once tranquil town, which is now a new home for those who lost theirs in the battle against World Mother.

Legends are created, unbreakable ties are made, and heroes emerge on the brink of conflict as the entire Kingdom descends upon the fledgling revolt.

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