Famous Rapper Son Shareef Jackson Wiki, Bio, Age, Weight & More

Shareef Jackson youngest son of the Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff. We all known him as Ice Cube son. Ice Cube is a rapper and was a part of NWA music group. he has 2 brothers who were like his father a rapper. Here we are going to tell you about the life of the Shareef Jackson and about his life so keep reading.

Early Life And His Childhood

Born in 1995 in United States he is 27 years old. Youngest son of Ice Cube. There are quite confusing information available on the internet about these  siblings one website state that there are 3 brothers and 2 sister and one says one one sister, other confusion is that some website says that the sister Kareena and Deja are twins and born on  17 February 1994 and other claims that Deja is the youngest.

Ice Cube is from California, Ice Cube fame begins as a member of CIA  after split he found NWA with Arabian Prince, Dr. Dre, and Eazy-E. Shareef Jackson parents met in college You can say love at first site. And like all the other love story he proposed and she accepted and finally married on 26 April 1988.

Kimberly Jackson and Ice Cube Jackson first son and Shareef oldest brother O’Shea Jackson Jr born on 24 February 1991. Second son is Darrell who was both on 29 December 1992. Shareef Jackson both the oldest brother are rapper like father. O’Shea Jackson professionally known as OMG and Darrell name is Doughboy.

Shareef Jackson

Born in a family of music he enjoy many perks but he didn’t choose his career as a rapper like his father and brothers rather he play basketball and share his father deep attraction and love for the game. Beside his love for the basketball he also love to play American football and rather seen in stadium with family especially with father Ice Cube.

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