Famous Rapper Eminem Net Worth, Life Style, Wiki, Bio & More

Eminem net worth, life style, car collection, wiki and much more about the well known rapper. Professionally known as Eminem his original name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III.  Song writer, producer and well known as rapper. He is one of the greatest rapper and counted in renowned list of rapper. Here we will disclose some of the facts of the Eminem success story.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III As Eminem

Born in 1972 he established himself as well known rapper of 1990. His fans not only like him rapping but also worshiped him. His original name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He is the one who popularize hip hop music in middle America. The credit for breaking the racial barriers for the white rapper.

eminem net worth

Early life as a child. He was born in St Joseph Missouri and the only child of his parents. He was named after his father Marshall Bruce Mathers III. During his birth his mother almost died due to 73 hours of labor pain. His childhood goes on poverty and changing houses, working several places. As a child he like story telling, reading comic book.

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By the time he was in his 10 grade he started rapping with friend Mike Ruby under name M&M later it was changed to Eminem.

Eminem Net Worth

What is his Net Worth and how he spend it ? He is multi talented, multi platinum selling American rapper. His net worth is recorded is $230 million. He is also one of the highest and most earning rapper.

eminem net worth

Eminem had earn a good amount with his shabby records apart from this he also earn from his production company. Under his name he himself was so established that album sold with his name only. One of the greatest of all the rappers. He had made many property live in a luxurious house with family he is a self made man. In his early years he also involve in Drugs taking leads him almost end his life but he overcome it and established  himself and today he is among the greatest singer rapper in Hollywood.

Eminem Family and Personal Life

At the age of 15 he met Kimberley Anne Scott who ran away with her sister and started living with Eminem family and fell in love with Eminem. Kim gave birth to daughter in 1995.

They married Kim and Eminem in 1999, but the relationship has always not very good and they divorced and remarried several times.

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He became the first white singer rapper to appear on the front page of the Source Magazine. Before him no other singer got an opportunity of appearing on front page.

His mother published a book in 2008 titled My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem which is an autobiography of the Eminem Singer, she describe in the book about her struggle how she raised her son and her son struggle and become a successful rapper.

Eminem accept how he depends on Drugs like  Valium, Vicodin, Methadone and Ambien and how he got involve in unlawful things and his struggle to overcome it. His addition made him overweight and on no occasion he left drugs. overdose of such lead him to hospitalized in almost die situation.

Sometimes he also got issue with his songs but he accept that it is just a song and he had no problem with homosexuals.

He know poverty he experienced it and live it so he established a foundation The Marshall Mathers Foundation which work for the help of the adult young and underprivileged. This established received attorney Norman Yatooma’s Charitable trust.

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