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Best places to live in the US when deciding upon where to settle down for the rest of the life there are many major factors that comes in mind like that of a good earning ,climate, politics, facilities available, mobility and many other factors. Basically affordable and pocket friendly and most important is peace of mind.

US news and World Report every year release a data of the best place to live in US and according to such report we are going to tell you in this blog about the best place to live in US in 2021. This report was done on the basis of good schooling, standard of living and affordable living. Click here to know best National Parks in USA to visit.

US news and World Report calculate the data into five indexes these are market related to job, value and life living quality, desirability and migration.

Here are 10 best places to live in the US in 2021

Raleigh, North Caroline


Colorado Springs,Colorado


Nashville, Tennessee

Boston, Massachusetts

Raleigh, North Carolina – Best places to live in the US

Raleigh, North Carolina comes under the top cities in the list of Best place to live in US. Very impressive job market with good schooling facilities available which is also affordable the city features the North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It growing also with a great speed.Here is the world’s largest garden, very mild climate attracts the residents.

Austin, Texas – Best places to live in the US

Austin is also one of the best places to live in US. Every year large number of visitors visit the place and decided to live here only.  Austin has been popular for its music, Austin attracts the young talent.The major companies like Samsung, Dell and Apple are here. The place is also famous for its BBQ sauce.

Colorado Springs, Colorado – Best places to live in the US

The cost of living in Colorado is lower as compare to the Denver and there is lots of employment opportunities and better health care facilities. Colorado has increase in tourism from the last past years which gain lots of employment opportunities as well. From health purpose according to the American Lungs Association the air is clean and pure which is very good for your health and that is why Colorado Spring has become one of the best place to live in US in 2021.

Tampa, Florida – Best places to live in the US

Tampa Florida is really good place to live it is small in size but really beautiful to attract people. The  experiences is really less as compare to other US country but transportation coast is little higher. The cost of living is affordable there are reputed colleges,school and universities are there. The city Tampa is also going to shine as a host of super bowl LV and also plans to work for the art and culture.


The city is full of good restaurants and it already famous for its food people like to come here to enjoy the delights. The city is also famous for its music industry and also with very large amount of employment. Living in the city is affordable but cost of housing is getting bigger and bigger. Recently Amazon ‘s East Coast Logistic hub has been added in the city with create a large number of employment opportunities in the city which makes it one of the best city to live in US in 2021.

Boston, Massachusetts

Many big and reputed institutions are there actually you can call the learning place due to its very impressive educational institutions the place become the one of the best place to live in US. The city provides large number of employment opportunistic and health care facilities is also very good . There are around 2300 acres of park among them are Boston Common which is the landmark.

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