Season 2 Of Netflix’s K-Drama “Bloodhounds” Approved

Fans are thrilled that Netflix’s most popular K-Drama series Bloodhounds, which is based on Jeong Chan’s well-known Webtoon, has been approved by Netflix for a second season.

According to SportsSeoul news, Bloodhounds Season 2 filming is expected to begin in the latter part of 2024.

Bloodhounds Starring

Woo Do Hwan and Lee Sang Yi, the show’s two main stars, will return to their well-liked roles in season 2. Under the direction of director Kim Joo Hwan, the series attracted a sizable audience, ranking second in Netflix’s global top 10 TV series and racking up an astounding 27.97 million views in just three days after its debut.

Fans Are Excited About Season 2

The story revolves around two driven young fighters who, with the help of a generous lender, overthrow a cunning loan shark who preys on the underprivileged. Fans are incredibly excited about the dynamic duo’s comeback to their screens.

Fans and viewers of Netflix’s Bloodhounds are ecstatic about the show’s return and have high hopes. The first season’s success served as a model for the next episode, which is expected to continue the exciting story and feature the return of the cherished ensemble.

The excitement surrounding the confirming news is palpable on social media, as fans get more and more excited for the next exciting season of Bloodhoods.

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