Fan-Made ‘Lord Of The Ring’ On YouTube Is Going Viral

Fan-made Lord of The Ring is on YouTube and Warner Bros. allowed the clip to Stay. The Hunt for Gollum, the recently revealed film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings by Warner Bros., sounds a lot like fan fiction and it already is.

You may see a 2009 fan-made movie called The Hunt for Gollum below. Chris Bouchard, the film’s director, has a lot of lofty goals. The 39-minute film The Hunt for Gollum was well-received by viewers upon its debut.

The movie was pulled offline for many hours after WB’s statement, and YouTube posted a notice stating that Warner Bros. had blocked and filed a copyright claim against the fan film. Online, LOTR fans responded angrily to the removal of the movie, and early on Friday, YouTube uploaded the movie again.

The Takedown Request Was An Error

The takedown request was sent in error, according to a studio source.

The forthcoming feature picture, which is being created by producer Peter Jackson and his writing collaborators Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, who “will be involved every step of the way,” is likely to tell the same plot as the short. In addition to directing, Andy Serkis will be playing Gollum again.

The fan-made Hunt for Gollum completes a journey that Jackson’s 2001 film only skimmed over and takes place during The Fellowship of the Ring’s opening act. In the brief, Patrick O’Connor plays Gandalf, who meets with Adrian Webster’s character Aragorn and asks him to go in search of Gollum to learn more about Frodo’s magic ring.

Aragorn experiences many adventures, traps and loses Gollum, and faces attacks from ringwraiths and orcs. After being taken back by the Elves of Mirkwood, Gandalf questions Gollum.
During its first-quarter earnings conference call on Thursday, Warner Bros. revealed the unexpected news about Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum, adding that the film was still in the early stages of development.

Fan-Made Lord Of The Ring Plot

Based on the plot of the fan-made short, Aragorn could end up playing the main role in the movie, with Gollum and Gandalf playing more supporting parts.

It’s unknown if WB’s project was influenced by the fan-made movie. However, it’s possible that the project was inspired in part by the success of the video game The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, which was launched last year.

Since its original May 9 posting, this story has been updated to reflect the movie’s restoration by WB and its removal from YouTube.

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