Jennifer Connelly Is In Film “Top Gun 3” With Tom Cruise

The actress Jennifer Connelly is excited about the film Top Gun 3 as she has spoken with filmmaker Joseph Kosinski about it, she hasn’t “seen anything” on “Top Gun 3” yet. Jennifer Connelly would adore going back to the Top Gun universe.

All About Top Gun 3

The 53-year-old actress from Snowpiercer stated in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight that she would quickly accept a request to work on a third installment in the well-liked film.

she said she was ready for the film. She also added that She had such a great time shooting for the film. Another reason for her decision to return to the film series is her excellent experience filming Top Gun: Maverick, which she greatly enjoyed.

Jennifer Connelly expressed her excitement for Top Gun3 but also stated that she was not aware of anything that is currently in development.

Tom Cruise was interested in a story. Regarding the possibility of a third chapter, Bruckheimer, 80, said, “But he’s a very in-demand actor and he’s got a lot of movies lined up, so we have to wait and see.”

He said, “A lot of actors, they finish the day, they get in their car and they go home,” pointing out that the 61-year-old star of Mission Impossible’s popularity is partly due to his work ethic. Tom chats with the other performers, watches the movie they shot, and inquires about tomorrow’s plans. He is genuinely involved in every step of the procedure.”

In January, first rumors were circulating that a third Top Gun movie was being developed. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kosinski will return to helm the picture, and co-writer Ehren Kruger has been working on a script.

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