Edudel : Education System In Delhi

Edudel is a department of education that comes under the ministry of the Delhi government. Edudel manages the public education system in Delhi. The best education and environment is the basic aim of the Edudel. Edudel stands for the education department under the government of NCT Delhi.

The department divides Delhi into districts and zones in every district comes some zones. like every zone has a Zonal officer every district has a district Education officer they are the commander of the zonal education.

School Infrastructure Development


Delhi’s Public schools were always been in a crisis of their infrastructure and most of the time classes have been taken in open or in temporary shades made of tin or bamboo in school. But the Delhi Education department has taken up a sincere effort to change the condition of the school and one can see the changes in the infrastructure of the school over the last 15 years. Now the school looks like any other private school and has all the facilities available.

The Delhi Education Department with the help of the  Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation and the Public Works Department improved the infrastructure of the Delhi public schools and made it a place attractive for the students to come to study.

According to the report in The Times of India newspaper Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal gave approval for the construction of school infrastructure. In 2021 it was announced that there will be the construction of 12,478 new rooms including 9,981 classrooms and around 106 multipurpose rooms by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

Directorate of Education

It is the body of the government that carries and implements the policies of the government. It supervises, control, checks, and give the government advice on various policies related to education, it checks and also implements the policies of the government and also guide to the right path.

Objectives of the edudel


The main aim and objectives of the edudel is to provide not just education but quality education to the students from 1 to 12 irrespective of their caste, color, and creed and give them the best education and infrastructure to study.

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Good teachers are always become the key to success for the school and also for students so, it is necessary for the teachers to have all the facilities for providing the best education and it is the duty of the dude to also train and make them up to date and keep on updating the teacher’s knowledge.

One of the most important objectives of the edudel is to provide free education to the children who are really talented but lack funds but are the gems. Free education for all children is really helping children who cannot effort to study.
Provide elementary education to the children.
Welfare Scheme under the edudel
 1. Make free books available to all the children.
2. Introduction of the primary classes so that all the education comes in one place.
3. Provide free books and become a book bank for the children so that they continue with their studies.
4. Improvement of the infrastructure, and school library and made available all the necessities so that these things did not stop the children from coming to top the school.
5. Provide a subsidy to buy the school uniform.
6. Facilities of transportation are very important, especially for girls in rural areas.
7. Encouraging the children to take part in sports.
8. Mid-day meal programs to encourage students to study.
All these points describe the objectives of the edudel. It is doing really great work for the development of the children and helping them to continue their studies.

Delhi School of Sports

In NCT Delhi at present, there are around 1150 that come under the Directorate of Education. The number has been increasing tremendously and taking interest in games and extracurricular activities.
The main objectives of sports programs are to emphasize the interest in sports and also provide them a better environment for sports. Sports facilitate the overall development of children and encourage them to take sports as a career.
All the related information regarding the edudel is available on the official website www.edudel.nic.of the Directorate of Education.

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