Napoleon Bonaparte : Some Interesting Things About Him

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on 15 August in 1769 to  Carlo Bonaparte and Letizia Romalino Bonaparte. His father was a lawyer by profession. He was commonly known as Napoleon 1, he was a French political and military general and come into power during the French Revolution and during this war he led many successful campaign.

Napoleon Bonaparte Early Life and Childhood

Napoleon Bonaparte

He was born on the on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. His parents loved him very much , he was a second child who survive among the eight children of them. His parents were Carlo Bonaparte who is a lawyer and Letizia Romalino Bonaparte. He was not belongs to the very wealthy family and his parents were the member of the minor Corsican nobility.

He attend his school in France and he learn French language and in 1785  takes a graduate degree from French military academy.

He was born in the ancestral home in Ajaccio which is the capital cit. After the birth of him their ancestral home was transferred to France. This background of his life had played a very vital role in upbringing of him. His mother tongue is Corsican language but he always speaks in French but his french speaking had little glimpse of Corsican language and he also had difficulty in french spelling.

Some interesting things about Napoleon Bonaparte

  • The influencer role played  in the life of Napoleon was his mother, Letizia Ramolino who was very firm and discipline lady and made Napoleon stop being unrestrained child.Napoleon was raised as Catholic but he never developed much faith in religion.
  • He was belongs well educated family and he also had greater opportunities to study that at that time was mostly not available to Corsican. He was firstly studied in religious school and in the same year he was also taken admission in military academy  at Brienne-le-Chateau. When he finishes his studies in 1784 he went to take admission in the elite Ecole Militaire in Paris.


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