Best Places To Live In Europe

Best places to live in Europe, Every year there was survey taken up about what are the same best places to live in Europe the survey takes into consideration various factor like crime rates, infrastructure, water quality, corruption, education and also health facilities also these factors considered which are some of the best place to live in Europe.

Every year many people roam around the world and travel and there are many reason which made many people chose the place to stay there forever.In the survey conducted in 2021 here are the list of European  cities that are really the best. Whether you be able to move in the place you must atleast visit once these places.

Rome – Best places to live

Rome is one of the best place to live in Europe. The place is full of extraordinary sights one of them was Colosseum and also St Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum these are the place you must visit. Masterpiece Michelanegelo painting , the very famous last supper painting take your heart away.The beauty and history related to the city makes the place very attractive and becomes one of the best place to live in Europe.

Standard of living is also affordable here and health and education facilities that are very important are also available.

Birmingham, England – Best places to live

The place must deserve your attention. Birmingham is in England and the place is well developed. It is dream to settle in place like Birmingham. The city has massive development and every thing related to necessary present here. Standard of living is really high and not actually affordable but it is a dream place in such sense it also become one of the best place to live in Europe.

St. Petersburg, Russia – Best places to live

St Petersburg is the most populous city in Europe the population of the city is around 5.3 million. the city has some of the best museums which includes Hermitage museum and many other places to visit.The place also considered the UNESCO World Heritage Site. St Petersburg also famous for its theaters, there were around or more than 50 theaters.The place is also known for its ballets,opera and symphony. The place is must to visit once and must explore the beauty.

 London – Best places to live

The dream of every one to settle down in London>the place very famous and popular it is among the best cities in the world be in travel list or it is in the list to settle here. London is usually in the top of any list. It is really tough to tell you about London there are so many things to do and so many places to visit and explore.

Few place you can see in London is Thames river, past Westminster, the London Eye, the Globe and Tate Modern. Eat and shop in Borough Market as well as British Museum one of the best place to visit in London. Explore the pubs walking around and beautiful buildings and places a must visit place and also best place to live in Europe.

 Paris – Best places to live

After many terrorist attack Paris fall down in the list of the best place to live in Europe but slowly Paris again gain its popularity and again reach the same position as before. With the increase in the international visitors Paris was recovered from the losses and stand still to beat some of the best cities like London ans New York as per the surveys.

The tourist attraction will be Eiffel tower, Some of the best cafes and bars are also present there.. In sense of living and settling down in the place it is the best decision as everything available and living standard is also affordable in the place. Some how this place has also become one of the best place to live ion Europe.