Latest Update About Jawad Cyclone Live Tracking 2021

Cyclone Storm Jawad Cyclone live tracking, The IMD India Meteorological Department said the Jawad cyclone will be weaken into deep depression by the time it reach to the coast of Odisha Andhra Pradesh by noon on Saturday. Cyclone likely to be week slowly and it is moving to the northern side and soon reach to Puri as a deep depression. IMD also give assurance that it is expected that it will be weaken moving further towards north side.

Meteroogical Scientist US dash also told that it will likely to hit Puri coast Odisha as a deep depression and it is weaken from inside.

Cyclone Jawad Highlights

Jawad Cyclone

Cyclonic Storm Jawad has created a chaos in the country. IMD said on Saturday that a heavy rainfall and strong wind is likely to expected in northern coast of the Andhra Pradesh. A Red alert warning was issued by the Government of the Andhra Pradesh, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Vishakhapatnam on Saturday.

P K Jena Special Commissioner for relief had on Friday said that Cyclone likely to make landfall in Puri district before moving towards Bay of Bengal. Today on Saturday he tweet that Little good news, Cyclone may weaken when reach to the Puri coast to a deep  depression.

Jawad Cyclone : Orissa Amit Warning Rainfall And High Speed Wind

Jawad Cyclone

The Government of Andhra Pradesh take out over 54008 people from the place and also set up the relief camps in order to reach to the needy people.

Orissa and the Andhra Pradesh are two states that are effected by most the Jawad these witness the most of the impact of the Jawad Cyclone. Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coasts likely to reach up to 7-80 kmph speed to 90 kmph speed by Saturday night.

Cyclone is moving  with its full speed along the coast of West Central Bay of Bengal off northern Andhra Pradesh and Orissa coast by 4.12.2021 in the morning.

Cyclone Jawad In State Of Odisha And Andhra Pradesh

According to the IMD Winds are blowing 70  to 80 kmph was first to hit the state with heavy rainfall. Railways has also cancelled the trains due to the effect of the cyclone Jawad. East Coast Railway, South Western Railway and South Eastern Railway takes precaution and cancelled the train and also on the coastal areas of the northern Andhra Pradesh and Orissa red and orange rainfall alert declared.

Narendra Modi respected prime Minister of the country had called a meeting to discuss the situation and their remedies in these states. He gave an instruction about the essential services during the cyclone and also about the relief camps. It is requested to the people of the Odisha to the empty the place whereas to all the place around the state relief camps had been set up by the government.

West Bengal Cyclone Jawad

A center was set up in west Bengal by the government to help the needy people in cyclone. Alert had been announced in the coastal areas where fishermen, farmers and tourist spots for heavy rainfall and strong winds. People living in the areas near the sea, many hotels booking cancelled to rid of any happening of the cyclone.

Guards of the Indian Coast warned some of the ships to enter the area.The NDRF team inform people about the effects of the cyclone where tree cut doen to set up the evacuation shelters.

Effects Of The Cyclone

The children park in Visakhapatnam effected a lot with sand erosion. Walking areas developed a crack, Wall and boundaries are also partially collapsed. Cement benches and playing areas are also damaged.

Many trains and flight are cancelled from 2 December, now cyclone had weaken into deep depression.  Now trains and flight are start back and move to their regular routine.


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