Rebecca Ferguson And Chris Pratt In Mercy

Mercy is an upcoming movie from director Timur Bekmambetov, Mercy will include Rebecca Ferguson as the lead.

The forty-year-old actress and Chris Pratt have been cast in Timur Bekmambetov’s science fiction film. Want to know more about this movie.

The project is now under development at Amazon MGM Studios, and the firm has high hopes for its global theatrical distribution.

Mercy is the story of a detective, played by Chris Pratt, who establishes his innocence after being charged with a violent crime in this near-future film, which is set in a world where capital crime has grown.

The goal of the film’s executives is to begin shooting in the spring. Rebecca Ferguson meantime, recently talked about how she sobbed as she left a set after a co-star screamed at her.

Rebecca Ferguson Opens Up With Reign With Josh Smith

In a podcast interview, the ‘Dune: Part Two’ actress talked about the horrible experience and vowed never to collaborate with the absolute idiot of an actor again.

Ferguson stated the following when appearing on the podcast Reign with Josh Smith “I recall a time when this person was so insecure and upset because they couldn’t get the scenes out.”

“And I believe I was yelled at because I was feeling so exposed and uneasy.” She further added,

“But there was no safety net for me because this guy was ranked first on a call sheet. Nobody, then, had my back. And as I left the set, I would cry.”

Rebecca recounted how, after the nameless actor’s irate outburst, she had to defend herself because no higher-ups stepped up to help.

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