Parasyte: The Grey Ranked At No.1 In Just 2 Days Of Release On Netflix

The Netflix series Parasyte: The Grey released on 5 April has taken the world by storm. It ranked number 1 in 35 countries. In Just two days with 661 points, According to the online content ranking site FlixPatrol, the series ranked at number 1 in 35 countries and number 4th in Japan.

The movie was liked and was much praised by the audience. In just two days it crossed all the records and reached one position. The movie got inspiration from the comic Parasyte.

Ranked No. 1 In 35 Countries

In just two days of its release, the series ranked number 1 in 35 countries including South Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kenya, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam and at number 4h in Japan.

The Netflix series Parasyte: The Grey, which debuted on the 5th, follows the tale of a unique team called The Grey as they attempt to thwart parasitic creatures that aim to grow stronger by utilizing humans as hosts.

Parasyte: The Grey Storyline And Cast

The story centers around the story of Soo-in, a girl who coexists with a parasite and is portrayed by Jeon So-ni. Unidentified parasites start to fall from the sky one day. They murder other people in addition to entering humans as their hosts. The parasites start to develop a will of their own. Now, humans must battle to prevent the alien species from claiming the planet.

Jeon So Nee, Koo Kyo Hwan, Lee Jung Hyun, Kwon Hae Hyo, and Kim In Kwon are among the cast members.

The Hitoshi Iwaaki comic Parasyte, which sold over 25 million copies in 30 different regions and countries, served as the inspiration for Parasyte: The Grey. With its original concept of parasites taking over human minds and thought-provoking ideas, it has effectively extended its South Korean setting.

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