New Album Of Taylor Swift Leaked On Social Media

Social media is an amazing place, recently a new album of Taylor Swift leaked. it becomes much more so about Taylor Swift.

Recently, a Google Drive link apparently holding 17 songs from Taylor Swift’s much-anticipated album “The Tortured Poets Department” has gone viral on the internet. People are reacting to the link in varying degrees, with some feeling angry, sad, and delighted.

Why New Album Was Leaked?

Taylor Swift’s fans are hailing and criticizing the purported leak at the same time, even though the official album is supposed to be released on Friday at midnight.

Since they don’t think the singer would have approved of such a leak, the general consensus among those who have chosen to remain leak-free seems to be that they are the real Swifties, as her hardcore fan base is known.

Swift has previously taken considerable measures to avoid inadvertent early releases.

During a 2014 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, She stated about her music that I have a lot of maybe, maybe-not-irrational fears of security invasion, wiretaps, people eavesdropping.” She continued by saying that for over two years, her 1989 album could only be found on her phone, which was covered in cat stickers and the volume buttons don’t work very well because there’s candy stuck in there.

Taylor Swift’s eleventh album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” was released after she became the first female solo artist to win Album of the Year three times.

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