NCIS Trailer Donald Mallard Tribute to Late Actor David McCallum

During Monday’s episode of NCIS David McCallum, who has been a fan favorite since 2003 for his portrayal of the quirky chief medical examiner Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, finally got his heartfelt farewell.

At the age of 90, the Scottish star of the NBC series “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” from the 1960s, who rose to stardom again on the long-running CBS procedural, passed away on September 25.

As befitting his role as Ducky’s protege Dr. Jimmy Palmer for two decades, Brian Dietzen co-wrote the homage for the final original “NCIS” cast member impacted by the Hollywood strikes’ and the production delays.

Brian Dietzen Told USA TODAY

As told by Brian Dietzen to USA TODAY, we wanted to celebrate 20 years on the show and 60 years in the entertainment industry. The supporters grieve with us and everyone experienced the loss.

Brain Dietzen gave a eulogy at McCallum’s January burial in New York City and stayed in constant contact with his 56-year-wife Katherine Carpenter.

His family on screen and his real family are feeling pain and grief right now as told by Brian Dietzen. “We can all find some tiny solace in the fact that David lived a full life for ninety years. He made the most of his final breath.”

Here are some details regarding the “The Stories We Leave Behind” “NCIS” episode, which is currently available to view on Paramount+.

Ducky Needed To Solve One More ‘NCIS’ Case

Even though Ducky died in the episode, it was crucial to have one more NCIS success for the dedicated medical examiner.

Having Ducky work on one last case with the team was the best way to honor him Dietzen adds. “Even posthumously, he’s the one that cracks the case.”
Using the comprehensive notes that Ducky had concealed, the NCIS team clears a veteran who was wrongfully awarded an honorable discharge.

“It links to the themes of loss, and what we leave behind when we pass away,” Dietzen explains. “The stories we leave our loved ones are so important.”

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