In Las Vegas Season 3 Episode 1: Who Was Responsible For The Murder?

In the series Las Vegas Season 3 Episode 1, Find out who is responsible If Josh Folsom was responsible for the Murder. It is also narrated that most likely continues throughout the season. After months of waiting, what were the findings of Folsom’s guilt or innocence?

To summarize the story, Folsom’s mother, Jeannette, was slain after she realized she was doing narcotics again. Her assassin, Kahn Schechter, was linked to Raphael Tarquenio, a drug baron who has managed to stay one step ahead of the cops.

What Is The Storyline Of Las Vegas Season 3?

In Las Vegas Season 3, Episode 1 Who Was Responsible For The Murder

In Las Vegas season 3 episode 1, it is clear that Folsoma and his friend were both investigating the crime that had happened and that neither of them are killer.

It didnot appear to be good for Folsom but when his friend’s tray was picked up, they both tried to cover. At the same time when Raphael revealed the new undersheriff and CSI tape of Tray and Josh with Kahn, things turned against them. When Kahn is found dead the killer is unknown.

Have a look at the Las Vegas Season 3 Episode 1 for your curiosity. It become more and more interesting. So let’s find out what happened to the Kahn and who is the killer.

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