Four New Korean Web Series Are Lined Up On Disney+

Are you a big fan of the Korean web series, here is good news for you, Disney+ has four new Korean language web series lined up in 2024.

Korean web series are attracting a large number of youngsters, some so many people like to watch the Korean series, there is so much to watch in Korean web series. The new four series are lined up on Disney+.

Four Original Korean Web Series

The four Korean language web series are Blood Free, unmasked, The Tyrant, and Gangnam B-Side. These are the new series and in addition to this the very popular Korean series The Zone: Survival Mission season 3 is also in line with Uncle Samsik and Light Shop from webtoon pioneer and creator of the platform’s 2023 series hit Moving.

Blood Free, starring Ju Jihoon (“Kingdom”) and Han Hyojoo (“Moving”), is about a former bodyguard who is left alone by his errors of the past. He is recruited to defend the CEO of a contentious lab-grown meat firm, who also survived the catastrophic attack that transformed his life.

Unmasked Series, set in modern-day Seoul, follows a gang of investigative journalists who report proactive reports and are fighting for their work for jobs. With time running out, the team is assigned an impossible mission if they want to save their jobs: investigate a twenty-year-old cold case involving a well-known actor who vanished without a trace.

The Tyrant is an action thriller series, It is the story of a US government agent who tries to recover a deadly virus that was stolen from the government. World agencies battled against nefarious parties to prevent the virus from spreading. That keeps everything at risk.

Gangnam B Side is a crime thriller that follows a pariah detective who is called back into the game after his daughter’s friend becomes the latest woman to go missing in Seoul’s affluent Gangnam district. The investigator will go into a world of vice, drugs, and corruption to unearth something that may bring down some of the city’s wealthiest elites.

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