Murder Of Model Malessa Mooney Led To Arrested Of The Convicted Criminal

Model Malessa Mooney’s Murder case led to the arrest of a convicted criminal. Recently in September 2023, a model in Los Angeles, popularly known as the sister of pop singer Jourdin Pauline was found dead in her downtown apartment.

A police visit to Magnus Daniel Humphrey’s residence for an unrelated warrant resulted in the arrest of the 41-year-old Minnesotan felon in connection with her death.

One particular indictment against Humphrey is that he committed murder while under torture.

Investigators have not revealed Humphrey’s relationship with Mooney, who had just moved into her opulent apartment, despite his criminal history. At the time of her death, she was a real estate agent and two months pregnant.
She was seen alive in surveillance footage six days before her body was discovered. Concerned by her parents’ unanswered texts, the LAPD conducted a welfare check, which resulted in the horrifying finding of her body, bound and stuffed in a refrigerator, with traces of blunt force trauma.

Drugs Were Found In Model Malessa Mooney‘s Body

According to Mooney’s toxicology result, she had chemicals connected to cocaine in her system. Her passing happened soon after Nichole Coats, another model, was discovered dead in a similar manner close by, raising suspicions of a serial killer. Nonetheless, because of the ethanol and cocaine toxicity, Coats’ death was declared accidental.

“The blunt force traumatic injuries observed at autopsy are generally not considered acutely life-threatening on their own,” according to the autopsy report.

“However, these injuries imply that Ms. Mooney was probably engaged in a serious physical conflict before her death, given the circumstances surrounding her discovery. Considering this, it’s unclear if drugs or alcohol had any part in Ms. Mooney’s demise.”

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