Has Michelle Reis Signed 8 Rule Prenuptial Agreement With Wealthy Family?

Michelle Reis married Julian Hui, a Hong Kong business tycoon in 2008 after becoming famous for her breathtaking beauty.

Michelle Reis has received a great deal of media attention over the years because of her beauty, her marriage to a wealthy family, and allegations that she had to sign an 8-rule prenuptial agreement before the wedding. According to Hong Kong media, the guidelines include “being reserved in public settings” and “maintaining good conduct, without displaying affectionate behavior in public.”

Michelle Reis has denied the claims, noting that she would not have married into the Hui family if such stringent requirements were in place. She also claimed that her in-laws are quite open-minded and supportive. She actively continued her career after marriage.

What Happened To Michelle Reis In 2022?

Has Michelle Reis Signed 8 Rule Prenuptial Agreement with Wealthy Family

Reis was brought to the emergency department in 2022 after developing problems from a respiratory infection. The specific nature of her sickness remained unknown, but it apparently caused her blood pressure to drop dramatically, harming her liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and other organs. She survived the trauma and has since healed completely, posting bikini photographs and happy life moments on social media.
On November 23rd, she tweeted a snapshot of a date with her husband to mark their 15th anniversary, stating, “15 years and counting…”. I’m so glad we discovered each other. “Happy Anniversary!”

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