How Old Is Isabella In Encanto | Voice Actor | Characters Age

Isabella is a fictional character in the film Encanto. Isabela Madrigal’s Voice actor is Diana Guerrero.

In this article, How Old Is Isabella In Encanto and Who Plays Isabella in Encanto, everything you want to know about the character.

Isabella Madrigal

How Old Is Isabella In Encanto

She is a popular animated character. It is one of the protagonist characters in the Disney animated film Encanto. Isabella first appeared in 2021 in Encanto.

Isabella is the oldest daughter of Agustin and Julieta Madrigal. She has two younger sisters Luisa and Mirabel. The Madrigal family is blessed with magical powers. Isabella is the golden child of the family, she was called Senorita Perfecta by her sisters. She can conjure flowers and plants.

How Old Is Isabella In Encanto??

How Old Is Isabella In Encanto

Isabella is the golden child of the Madrigal family, In the movie, she is the oldest child and is 21 years old as per the sources and reviews of the films.

She is tall and slender with brunette skin and hazel eyes long and black hair. She is a beautiful young girl of Colombian descent. Her voice in the movie was given by American actress Diane Guerrero.

Best Animated Movie

Encanto was released in 2021 and it is the best movie of 2021. The animated film was directed by Jared Bush, Byron Howard, and Charise Castro Smith. The movie grossed over $240 Million in theaters and was released on Disney +.

The songs in Encanto were composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and won the hearts of millions. The movie won the awards for Best Animated Film at the Golden Globe Awards. The competitors of the movie were Flee, Luca, Raya The Last Dragon, and My Sunny Maad.

The Characters Age Of Encanto
  • Julieta– Mother of Isabella, Luisa, and Mirabel. She has the magical power of healing people. through food that she cooks. She can heal people through her cooked food. She is 50 years old.

In the movie, Julieta meets her husband Agustin’s bee sting as well as her daughter Mirabel’s hand. Julieta among her siblings is the oldest and always ready to help everyone.

  • Agustin– Isabella’s father, he does not have any super magical power, and how old is Agustin is not stated however it is said that he is younger than his wife Julieta and he is of Colombian descent. He has a clumsy nature.
  • Isabella– Isabella in the movie is the oldest daughter and granddaughter of Madrigal. She was always under pressure to be perfect. She has the magical ability to grow flowers. The movie takes a turn when she accepts her truth of imperfect. In the movie, she is 21 years old.
  • Luisa– The middle child of the family. She was introduced in the movie with a song surface pressure. She is the village runner, lifting bridges and doing things without breaking of sweat. She is a physically strong character in the movie. She is 19 years old in the movie according to the sources.
  • Mirabel– She is the youngest daughter of Agustin and Julieta. She is quite like her father and does not possess any magical powers. She stands out of the family but she is the main character when the magic is threatened she is the key to restoring and rebuilding the Casita. In the movie, she is 15 years old according to the sources.
Isabella’s voice Actor Diane Guerrero
How Old Is Isabella In Encanto

The voice of Isabella was given by Diane Guerrero. She is an American actress and is known for her role in Orange Is the New Black, the Netflix series. She was born in 1986 on 21 July in Passaic, New Jersey, and was raised in Boston, Massachusetts.

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