How Tall Is Elsa & Anna In Frozen Movie? | Age | Characters

Elsa is one of the most loved characters in Frozen. Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character from Frozen an animated Walt Disney film.

Elsa is everyone’s favorite, she is an adorable and beautiful tall lady. Here in this article, you will come to know about How Tall Is Elsa & Anna In Frozen Movie, Age, and All the Characters from Frozen.

Keep reading to know more about the character.

Elsa And Anna’s Relationship

How Tall Is Elsa & Anna In Frozen Movie Age Characters

Elsa and Ana were siblings, they share the strongest relationship with each other. They are so attached to each other. At the start of the movie, it is shown that both sisters are adults.

They share the same bedroom from a very young age and often seem to play with each other and have fun. Elsa uses her ice magical power and has fun. Everything changed when Elsa accidentally struck Ana with her ice magic power.

Elsa agreed to her father’s decision to keep her power secret and hidden to keep everyone safe. Elsa stopped spending time with Ana, in such cases, a rift was growing between the two sisters. Elsa always thought she was dangerous for her sister.

Elsa’s Voice in the movie was given by Broadway actress Idina Menzel. As a young child she is voiced by Eva Bella and as a teenager, her voice is by Spencer Ganus.

Elsa Height, And Age

Elsa was born on December 22, 1818. Elsa is a fictional character from the Animated Walt Disney film Frozen which was released in 2013 and the second installment was released in 2019.

In the movie, Elsa is seen with a tall and slender body. her height is 5 feet 7 inches and in meters, it is 1.7 meters.

Elsa frozen age is 21 in the first film Frozen and her age in Frozen II is 24. Elsa also become popular as The Snow Queen or The Queen OF Arendelle

Elsa was the daughter of Arendelle, King Agnarr, and Queen Iduna. She is the granddaughter of King Runeard and Queen Rita. She also has a younger sister Anna.

Anna Height, And Age

Anna was born on 21 June 1821, She was born in the kingdom of Arndelle, She is the younger sister of Elsa, The Snow Queen. She was seen as 18 years old in Frozen and 21 years old in Frozen II.

She is the second daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, and she is the granddaughter of King Runeard and Queen Rita. She has an elder sister who has an ice magic power, Elsa. Elsa was also known as the Queen of Snow.

Anna height in the movie is 5 feet 3 inches and in cm, she is 162 cm.

Kristoff’s Height, And Age
How Tall Is Elsa & Anna In Frozen Movie  Age  Characters

Kristoff was a fictional character in the Walt Disney Animation Movie Frozen. His character is 5 feet 10 inches tall. His best companion is Sven. He also appeared apart from Frozen and Frozen II, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in 2017, and Frozen Fever in 2015. In the movie, he was voiced by Jonathan Groff.

Kristoff lives with his reindeer Sven, who is his companion. In the movie, he helped Ana, the princess of Arendelle to find her older sister Elsa in the North Mountains. He is a supporting character, he is young and energetic. HE falls in love with Anna.

In Frozen he is 21 years the same age as Elsa and in Frozen II he is 24 years.

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FAQ Related To Frozen Animated Film Series
1. Is Elsa 11 feet tall?
Elsa is 5 feet 7 inches tall according to the wiki page.

2. What height is Olaf?

According to the director Jennifer Lee. Olaf's height is 3 feet 4 inches tall in Frozen 3. and Frozen II.

3. Does Elsa have a disability?

Yes, Elsa's disability is her magical ice power, she gets nervous very easily.

4. What is Anna and Elsa’s height?

Elsa is 5 feet 7 inches whereas Anna is 5 feet 3 inches.

5. Who is Frozen Anna’s boyfriend?

Anna and Kristoff had a relationship.

6. What is special about Anna in Frozen?

Anna is strong and optimistic unlike her sister Elsa.

7. Who betrayed Anna in Frozen?


8. Why did Anna become ice?

When alone with Han Anna said she is struck by the magic of Elsa and only true love can cure her.

9. Did Anna and Elsa’s dad know who saved him?

King  Agnarr grew and never know who saved him while Elsa's mother Iduna,s secret was revealed to Elsa in Frozen II.

10. Why did Anna go after Elsa?

Anna goes after her sister Elsa so that she could end the winter and bring back her sister.

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