Spencer Reid Wife, Girlfriend, Birthday, Death

Spencer Reid is a popular character portrayed by Mathew Grey Gubler. He is a genius personality. In this article, read about the biography of Spencer Reid. He is a member of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Dr. Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid Wife, Girlfriend, Birthday, Death
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Dr. Spencer Reid is a fictional character on the CBS Crime drama Criminal Minds. He was born on 1981 on 12 October in Las Vegas. He was born to William Reid and Diana Reid. William Reid’s character played by Taylor Nicols is a Lawyer, and Diana Reid played by Jane Lynch, is a Literature professor.

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During her pregnancy, Diana Reid has paranoid schizophrenia and she went under medical treatment with her son Spencer Reid.

Spencer Reid’s IQ of 187 and he has the ability to read 20,000 words in a minute. He is a genius with a great memory. He is the youngest member of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit ( BAU ), he holds Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering and also he specializes in Statistics and geography profiling.

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He is the youngest member of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), has three BAs and three PhDs (in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering), and specializes in statistics and geographic profiling.

Dr Reid Criminal Mind

Spencer Reid Wife, Girlfriend, Birthday, Death
Image Credit – https://www.instagram.com/

One of the incidents of Spencer Reid was when he was in High School at the age of 12. His father William left him and his mother as he no longer deals with her paranoid schizophrenia.

Spencer also mentioned his bullying in school where he was stripped naked and they tied him to a goalpost in front of other students. He was there till all the teenagers left there then he walked home. He found his mother had not noticed him coming home late because she had her schizophrenic Elephant Memory episode.

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Reid grew up learning from himself and from nearby things and from his mother who is a professor of 15th Century Literature.

Who Is Spencer Reid Wife?

In season 8, Spencer Was in a relationship with woman Maeve, but he has never met that person as she lived in fear of stalker. Maeve was kidnapped by an ex-student of hers and their relationship was abrupt.

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In season 1, Spencer’s interest was in JJ Jareau, an office companion but their relationship never blossom. In season 15, we might see JJ and Spencer in a relationship.

Spencer Reid Death

In Criminal Mind Spencer Reid was a genius, during the long 15 seasons, he is a very important part of the show. His IQ level is 187 and had a degree in Mathematics, engineering, and psychology. Earlier he was characterized as an office worker but as the show progressed his character also progressed.

Spencer’s hands are clean although he felt responsible for many deaths of unsubs. But with all these death happen in defending himself. In Criminal Mind, Spencer felt responsible for eight deaths Phillip Dowd, Chloe Donaghy, John Bradley, Tobias Hankel, Daniel Milworth, Andrew Meeks, and Casey Allen Pinker. Most of the death results in self-defense.

In Season 15 And at the End Spencer Reid died at the age of 82 years at his home in Henderson on December 28, 2021. He suffered from a serious, potentially fatal brain injury from the explosion he died.

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