Do You know “What is Computer full form”??

Computer full form !!The computer is a very important electronic device that does arithmetic calculations and logical calculations. It is the place where you can keep your thousands of photos, videos, and many other files.

There is a big question of “Computer full form“, we have seen different-different computer full forms, which we have mentioned below, however, Computer is a word which is taken
from the word “computer” which means to calculate something or data. Hence, we can say that a computer is an electronic device that is used for fast calculation, data analysis, storing our memories, files, and many other things.


There are different types of computers with different kinds of uses, like personal computers, desktops, laptops, or supercomputers, etc. Personal computers are used for personal work, the desktop is designed for home and office uses.                                                   

The laptop is a portable computer which you can carry anywhere very easily and
super computers are designed for very heavy work like, in engineering, science,
space research, medical, Weather forecast and many other places.

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The computer is also considered a programming machine because it needs programmed
programming (Software) to run on it. A Computer cannot run or do anything without a program.Here we will explain the Full Form of Computer, and its related software and
other devices, like the full form of ALU, CPU, UPS, Windows, MS Office, etc.

Computer full form

What is a computer?

We have seen that many of the users are mention COMPUTER stands for “Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technical, Education, and Research”. The best abbreviation of “computer full form” has been given by many of the users and many of the users have mentioned the different full form.

Here we would like to inform you that it is only a myth because this definition does not make any sense, as people have given theses words by their own and second thing when the computer was invented it was used just for basic calculations which required a lot of updates and changes for its establishment.

A basic Computer full form is mentioned below

C – Commonly
O – Operated
M – Machine
P – Particularly
U – Used for
T – Technical
E – Education
R – Research

Let’s understand what is Computer and what are basic essential Components?

As we have mentioned above that the computer is a very important electronic device that helps with all the arithmetic calculations and logical calculations. It is the place where you can keep your thousands of photos, videos, and many other files.

The Computer full form is also mentioned above. With the help of a computer, you can store your file inside the computer in its storage which calls internal storage. Computers also allow you to store your data in external storage devices like floppy, Pen drive, CD, DVD, and external hard disk drive.

A working computer needs very essential components to perform well and provide accurate data or calculations. A computer is required a motherboard, a Central Processing Unit (CPU), A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which is also known as a video card, Random Access Memory (RAM), Read-only Memory (ROM), Power supply, Hard disk, CD ROM, etc.

A computer is required programmed programming, which is called Software to perform any action on the given command. A user needs to provide raw data as input to have output through the computer software as a Computer cannot run or perform any task without a software.

Hardware part in a Computer

The computer Hardware part is a physical part which we can see, touch, feel, and
for example, Monitor is a hardware part of the computer as we can see it, touch
it, feel it, etc, same like CPU, Mouse, Keyboard, UPS, etc are the hardware of a

Here below we have mentioned all the hardware of a computer

 CPU – Central Processing Unit
 Drive – Hard disk drive, CD-ROM, Floppy Drive, DVD
 Motherboard
 Monitor
 Keyboard & Mouse.
 UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)
 Fan
 RAM- Random Access Memory
 Sound Card
 Video Card

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