ISI mark full form!! No 1 explanation and full details of ISI mark

ISI mark full form is Indian Standard Institute.In India ISI mark stand for the certification of the Industrial goods. Until 1 January 1987 it is the National Standard body but after that it was renamed as the Bureau of Indian Standards.

ISI mark is become compulsory for some of the industrial goods that are sold in India.Some of industrial product on which ISI marks become compulsory are electrical products, LPG cylinders, tyre, drinking water and packaged foods,kitchen equipment and appliances,LPG cylinders and LPG valves, thermometers etc.

India become Independent it need to come out of the underdeveloped country to developing country which is very tough at that time and to control the dumping of the unused Industrial products in the market.

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On 6 January 1947  the Indian Standards Institution (ISI) was set up to maintain the quality of the Industrial goods.  By the mid of the 80s  it becomes important to set up the stronger body then ISI then (BIS )BUreau of Indian Standard set up which took over the (ISI) Indian Standard Institute.

How to use ISI mark?

It is very easy to use this ISI mark. This is voluntary to get the ISI certification.If any manufacture who feels that his product quality is up to level he can get it certified. It is mark of quality and safety which also gain consumer satisfaction.

The ISI marks means that the product is the particular product is of good quality and safe to use. The certification is given to the product after it is tested in the laboratory by the officials and when they satisfy with the particular product the certification is given.

There are two way to get the ISI certificate

In the first procedure it is very simple. The applicant has to filled the application with the documents copy attracted that are required along with the fee to the branch office. After that the BIS Bureau of Indian Standard officer verify the application and then according to the process as mention in the Indian standard test the particular product.

The product is tested independently. Passing this test is compulsory to get the product certification. If the authority is satisfy with the product and applicant agree to maintain and operate the defined Scheme of Testing & Inspection and pay the prescribed marking fee then the license is expected to be given within 4 months by BIS and 6 months in case of all India first license for a product.

In the second procedure The applicant has already got tested the product and need to submit the test report from that particular laboratory with the application.

Then their is a visit by the BIS officials and if they found to be satisfy with the particular product and applicant applicant agree to maintain and operate the defined Scheme of Testing & Inspection and pay the prescribed marking fee then the license is expected to be given within 30 days of application submission by BIS.

Is there is a miss use of ISI mark??

Yes, from time to time BIS also getting the complain that the ISI mark is miss use. BIS need to check on the manufacturing units that are granted licence. On getting the complain BiS  Bureau of Indian Standard investigate the matter with raid and if any authority  found guilty then he will be charged up to 50,000 penalty and punishment of one year.

It is the duty of the every citizen to complain or to inform the BIS against any unlawful or  any duplicate ISi mark found. Immediately complain on BIS office addresses.

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