Coco : Famous American Animation Hit Movie

An American animated fantasy movie named Coco, box office hit 2017 film released by Walt Disney Pictures. Coco produced by Pixar Animated Studios.Directed by Lee Unkrich and co directed by Adrian Molina. This story is based on the fantasy of a 12 years old boy who is Miguel and was transported to a land where everyone is dead, and there he seek help from his deceased great great grandfather,Imelda who is a musician and singer. He seek help from his great great grandfather to return to the living world and remove and save them to remove his family ban in music.


This movie name actually come from the Miguel great Grandmother who is Mama Coco.The story begins with a 12 years old boy Miguel who love music and want to become a musician but there was a problem with that. Miguel family has been ban on music from generation.Ernesto de la Cruz is an idol for Miguel and he want to be like him. Miguel is desperate to show and prove himself to the world. He was transported to the land of dead somehow He met charming trickster named Hector, the two become friends and goes on finding the truth behind the ban on Miguel family.

Beautiful Message by Coco

Lovely and beautifully portray the story of this 12 years old boys who struggle to fulfill his dream of becoming a musician. Love and always support your family and always love and remember your ancestors. Miguel love his family but he did not like the shoe making business but always stand with the family.

Coco 2

It is successful and after that comes coco 2. It is  sequel to the 2017 Coco. This movie start after 6 years. Miguel is 18 years old in it, who is now graduated, where mama Coco died and that make him go again to the Land of the Dead to meet mama Coco. This sequel to its released in March 2019.

Some Facts about Coco fans Don’t Know

Do you know in Brazil the word coco  means poop, So that is the reason why Disney change coco to “Viva! A Vida E Uma Festa!

It has become more popular in China than in US. In china grossing over $154 million in forth week as compare to in US which is $150 million in the first month.

In Mexico this movie become the highest grossing animated movie eve in the country before this title is under Marvels The Avengers.

You also see some of the characters from the Toy Story in Cameo in this movie.

Characters from the movie finding Nemo can also be seen in the Coco as well. Nemo, Dory and Destiny can also be seen on the stand when Miguel run passing the stand.

You will also see the spirits of Mama Imelda who make an appearance in the film.

Do you know that 7 millions lights were created for the opening shot for The Land of The Dead.


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