Ata Johnson : 2nd Wife Of Famous Wrestler Rocky Johnson

Ata Johnson was a wife of Rocky Johnson (second wife) and mother of popular wrestler Rock Johnson. all about Ata Johnson, her life and age, biography and everything you need to know about Ata  will be shared in this blog. Keep reading.

How Rocky Johnson And Ata Met?

Rocky married to Una Johnson but he start involving in love with Ata ( She is a daughter of Wrestling legend Peter Maivia). Ata met Rocky in a match where her brother Peter Maivia Jr and Johnson tag a team partners.

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Ata father Peter did not like Ata and Rocky relationship and he was against their relationship because Rocky is a wrestler and he know wrestlers life is tough but Ata married to Rocky ignoring her father decision and goes against him.

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Who Is Mother Of Rock Johnson Ata Johnson?

The Rock Johnson mother Ata she belongs to the wrestlers family. Rock is an actor and retired professional wrestler his mother belongs to a family of Anoa’i Wrestling family she belongs to the family of Rikishi,Umaga and Roman Reigns.

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She married to the wrestler Rocky Johnson by going against her father decision and they divorced in 2003. The credit of success of Dwayne career goes to her mother. Dwayne love and respect her mother very much. He once said that she is his inspiration.

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Dwayne love his mother and gifted a new home as Christmas gift and also share this good news from his Instagram page. Ata lives in US with children and grandchildren and  spend most of her time with them.

Early life And Childhood

She was born in Hawaii in USA to Feagaimaleata Fitisemanu Maivia in 1948 when her mother married to Peter Maivia he adopted her. Peter Mavia her father was a popular Samoan American Professional wrestler.

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She fell in love with Rocky Johnson when she met him during the wrestling match when he was paired with her brother Peter Maivia jr. Her father Peter did not like her to married Rocky but despite her father was against the decision she married to Rocky. They blessed with a boy Dwayne Johnson in 1972.


Her mother was also a wrestling promoter and she was also known as the first female professional wrestling promoters and after her husband died she married to Maivia. Her father Peter Maivia was also a professional wrestler and had established himself. In 2008 Dwayne Johnson posthumously inducted the WWE Hall of Fame to his grandfather and Ata received the award on her fathers behalf.

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She and Rocky Johnson divorced in 2003 and she never remarried and only focus on her son and her grandchildren she love them and stay with them. Her grandchildren were  Tiana Gia, Jasmine Johnson, Simone Alexandra and she admire and love them a lot.

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In 2018 Dwayne through his Instagram post thank his mother for everything he have and also shares a video showing that he gifted a new home to his mother on Christmas. Ata often seen in photos and video Dwayne share on social media.With her grandchildren she is leading a lavish lifestyle.

Dwayne Johnson Love Of Mother

Dwayne Johnson always show love and respect for his mom as because he gave all the credits of his successful wrestling career to his mom. She faced a lot of problem during Dwayne childhood days. Dwayne revealed in one of his interviews that she once tried to kill herself and they runs on poverty.

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Rocky Johnson was blacklist in the wrestling career due to some or the other reason and soon after their marriage they face lots of problem in life. But Rock said her mom is very strong and brave and she went all through this and gave his child a better life. Now they life a very lavish lifestyle.

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