What Is True Dwayne Johnson Ethnicity??

Dwayne Johnson ethnicity, when ever a name of WWF comes The Rock Johnson name is compulsory. Rock Johnson is considered the greatest wrestler of all time. In this article we disclose about the Dwayne The Rock some facts and reveal his true identity. Dwayne Johnson ethnicity. Keep Reading.

The Rock Johnson Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Ethnicity

Rock belongs to a family of wrestler his father Rocky is also wrestler and was great wrestler of his times. Dwayne made his new name with his acting skills.He is humble and very good at heart person.

A former wrestler started his acting career with the movie The Mummy Return and the first lead role with The Scorpion King. Johnson had won the hearts of many with his acting skills. He won hearts of his fans with his humble personality.

Dwayne Johnson Ethnicity

Dwayne Johnson Ethnicity

He belongs to a mixed heritage as his mother is from the Samoan heritage. His mother is from the Samoan heritage whereas his father is from Black Nova Scotian and also Samoan ethnicity. That is why he has the nationality of both the US and Canada. Dwayne Johnson Ethnicity was that he belongs to the mixed heritage. He is from the family who gave the WWE the best wrestler his father as well as his  mother.

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