Popular Social Media Star Laura Clery Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth

Laura Clery net worth, husband and all about her life, She is a Facebook star and had a huge fan following and was also a YouTube comedian. How old is Laura Clary ?Read the article to known more about this personality.

Who Is Laura Clery?

She is a Facebook star and an author, a social media comedian. Born in 1986 on July 22 in Downers Grove In Illinois. AT present she is 36 years old and had more than 4 million followers on Facebook. Laura Clery well known for playing  characters of Ivy and Pamela Pupkin.

Laura Clery

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With $40 in her pocket she pursue her dream she became writer, producer and she star in You Tube series. She had her Comedic Facebook account. Her first book is Idiots and Idiots as a writer.

Laura Clery Husband Stephen Hilton

Stephen Hilton and Laura Clary married in 2012, Stephen Hilton is an English Musician, producer and also composer. Stephen works includes Moulin Rouge, The Ocean 11 movie Transformers:Dark of the Moon, Quantum of Solace, The Amazing spider-Man-2.

Laura Clery

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She is well known Comedian and met Stephen Hilton in a party in 2011. Stephen Hilton appear in Laura comedy video titled Me Trying To Flirt. The pair also start a digital media company which produce shows for commercial and also viral entertainment called Idiots Inc.

She gave birth to a son named Alfred Sound Hilton in 2019 on 20 April. In 2021 they have blessed with daughter Penelope Marilyn Hilton. Together they reside in their luxurious house in Los Angeles California.

How Laura Clary Become FaceBook Star?

YouTube and Instagram become the first platform that Laura Clary uses. She is a Social media influencers, Laura uses the Facebook video and through Facebook video she gain massive audience and gain popularity on Facebook she is one the very popular creator and her videos are liked and watched by people from all over the world.

She decide to make a career on social media she choose Facebook platform and she is so perfect in her work that make her gain massive audience. On Facebook she had more than 3 million users on Facebook. She become famous as a character of Ivy and Pamela Pupkin and she started working with other networks, She is involve with Comedy Central and also produce content for other platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

In an interview with VidCon 2017 she talk about how she create video, how she started making video. Read the interview to known about Facebook biggest star Laura Clery.

How she get huge audience on Facebook? She said in an interview that Facebook is all about timing and I am the first to start creating videos, it has been 12 years, whereas YouTube is very Saturated and it is difficult to create videos for YouTube as the are large number of creator and you have tot compete so many creators.

She further said she started in a traditional way and she did commercials and sitcoms and become full time actress. She further share her experience and said she has no control over her career and her whole life was like auditioning and was at the whim of producers and directors and was frustrated also and finally she said to herself that she is going to create her own content.

She said that she also saw the other creator and influencer who took their career charge and also said to the said to her agents to stop sending and she spend whole year in creating content and was paid nothing.

Her life  incredible change after she take charge of her career she further added I would have ever made so much money as an actress. I am recognized all over the world and it is just awesome. Laura Clery net worth is $3.5 millions she also appears in 17 films and TV shows.

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