Black comedians : 5 Best Black comedian

Black Comedians who entertain us with their stand up comedy. The African American comedians entertain their audience with their funniest talk some did jokes on family on politics and so on. They bring smile on many faces that was the best job.

So, here are list of some greatest black comedians and we have selected five best comedians of all time. The rankling is based on the popularity of each of them among user. This list is not intended to say that any of them is inferior, they all are the best and we love them and have respect for them.

Everyone in the list of best black comedian are really best in their own way. The list is just based on the users vote. Just take a look on the best black comedians list,  check it out.

Dave Chappelle : One of the best black Comedians

Dave Chappelle a well known stand up black comedian, he was born in Aug 1979 beside doing comedy he was an actor, writer as well as producer. The way of his observing things and ability to interrogate the topic make him the best in his work. His mind blowing job get him three Grammy Awards and four Funny Awards. 50 most popular women

Chappelle’s Show which was telecast in 2003 and run till 3 successful years till 2006 after that he quit the show in between. Chappelle was also called the “comic genius of America” by Esquire. In 2017 he was ranked at no. 9 position by Rolling Stone in 50 Best Stand Up Comics.

Richard Pryor : 2nd in the list of best black Comedians

Born on 1st Dec 1940 Richard Pryor was one of the best black comedian of all time.He left all us in 2005 and still remember his work and his storytelling style. Beside stand up comedian he was an actor and writer. Richard had won many awards in his greatest career he was winner of an Emmy Award in 1973 and five Grammy Award.

He also won American Academy of Humor Award and also Writers Guild Awards of America. Rolling Stone gave him the first position in the 50 best comic.

 Chris Rock : 3rd in the list of best black Comedians

In the list of best black comedians  Chris Rock has also gained his position. He was well known Black Comedians of America. His comedy involves mostly jokes related to romance, music, family , politics and mostly his comedy and jokes seems to be based on his teenage stories. He started his career with Catch a rising Star in 1984, slowly slowly he gained popularity and people start liking his comedy. He has won four times. In a poll conducted by the Comedy Central he achieve the fifth position.

Leslie Jones : 4th in the list of best black Comedians

Leslic Jones a greatest black comedian born in the year 1967. She was an actress and also a cast member and writer in Saturday Night Live from 2014 till 2019. Problem Child in which Leslie show her comedy , the program has been telecast on Showtime.

She has won several awards for Saturday Night Live one of which she was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award in comedy series in outstanding supporting actress. She has become the victim of racist and sexist attack on twitter. She also come under the best black comedians

Tiffany Haddish : 5th in the list of best black Comedians

Tiffany Sara Cornilla Haddish was also well known actress of American origin, a black comedian and also an author. She started her career on television when she gain recognition as Nikelsha Williams on NBC sitcom. She was also a part of the Saturday Night Live and won the Prime time Emmy Award as a host on the Saturday Night Live.

She also appear in many of the television and film and had did a remarkable work. She has won the Bet Award and also Black Reel Awards which was a very big award for any black comedian. She also won the Emmy Award for her great comedy.

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