Popular White Sands National Park

White Sands National Park is located in the state of New Mexico is an American White Sand National Park is surrounded by beautiful white sands national park. The area of the national park is approx 145,762 acres. White Sand dunes is composed of gypsum crystals which is dept about 30 feet and tall  as 60 feet.

12000 years ago the land in Tularosa  Basin which featured  large lakes, streams, ice Age and grasslands. When climate warms rain and snow melts and dissolve in gypsum from the mountains present there then warm and drying gypsum caused lakes and these lakes form selenite crystals wind broke these crystals and transported to eastward and this process continues and gypsum was produced.

White Sands National Park  is a home of many animal and most animals there are invertebrates. There are many species feature white and off white color. There are some species who found only in this park and most of them are being moth species.

Charges or  Entrance Fee for entering White Sands National Park

Since 1937 White Sands National Park charges an entrance fee. There are many other national parks that charges the fee for entering the park and out of 117 parks White Sand National park is one charging a fee. At Present $5 is charged as entry fee per person. There are 301 Other national parks that doesn’t  charge any entry fee.

Safety Information

The White Sands National Park is full of beauty, it is the largest gypsum dune field in the world.But you should know how to enjoy with safety as safety is the most important factor. The publications provide you some safety measures before going to the park.

Safety Related to Desert

White Sands National Park is pristine landscape, visitors should know the nature of the environment and should know the danger of the desert.

Lighting related safety

The most of the year the area is dry and the people don’t understand that thunderstorm can come anytime causing danger. From mid June till October this thunderstorm is common.

Stay Hydrated

In summers the most common thing is thirst and in desert area it may be dangerous dehydration is most common factor, so stay hydrated. It also depends on the activity of the visitors, temperature at the time, humidity and also altitude. Visitor should keep a bottle of water with them.

Safety Tips related to Lake Lucero

In order to reach the Lake Lucero visitors have to cross the the White Sand Missile Range. And for crossing the Missile Range to need to take a permission for a trip. You need to read their instruction before going on a trip.

Call 911

If you need any guide call 911 it is an emergency number they will com eto help you out. Even if there is no signal still call on that number.

 Take the help of GPS

Take the help of GPS it will help you tracking the write direction but always do not depend on it stay in safe zone.

Every time you make your mind  for a trip always plan your trip take all the necessary things with you food, water and first aid kit is very important. Bring you camera and mobile fully charged with chargers so that you can charge it when needed. Take a note of a landmarks and before starting your trip take a note of a whether also. If you are new to visit the White Sand National Park try to be with the traffic.

White Sand National Park is one of the world’s great natural wonders rising from the heart of the Tularosa Basin. The beautiful glistering of the white sands you will love to watch. It is the largest sand dune field.

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