Longwood Gardens : Beautiful American Botanical Garden

Longwood Gardens spread over 1077 acres is an American botanical garden. Longwood Garden situated in Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,United State near Brandvwine Creek Valley. Visit the exotic place for the best experience,it is open for the visitors there are educational sections also and they do workshop to educate the people.

Longwood Gardens History

The land is owned by the Peirce family and they are the one who named it as Long Woods and they began planting exotic trees in 1798, there in slowly it gather attraction and the garden famous by the name Peirce’s Park.In 1906 the land was acquired by Pierre Samuel du Pont and he renamed it Long Woods and developed conservatories and opened a foundation and it took over the garden in 1946.

Presently garden occupy over 1077 acres and also has collections of many trees of topical and subtropical plants and trees , there are over 11,000 different types of trees . Apart from this there is also  horticulture exhibition and it also owns a museum and a theater also.

Longwood Garden a Botanical Garden ?What is botanical Garden?

A collection of many plants which illustrate the relation between plants within plants groups. Most of the botanical Garden throw emphasis on ornamental plants. In simple words botanical garden is a place where plants are display or planted for scientific and study purpose and also opened for public display. There are many woody (shrubs)  plants planted to display.

The main objective of the botanical garden is to labeled and let other know about the common and scientific name of the plant and also the place of their origin and their medicinal value.

Cost of visiting the Longwood Gardens

They charge a fee to enter into the Longwood Gardens which is as follow Fee structure for the adults $25 whereas for senior citizens above age 62 tickets cost $22, for collage Students with proper ID proof will cost $ 22, For young children under 4 wiill will be fee and above from 5 to 18 years will cost $13, retired U.S. Military persons with proper ID proof will be $18, And all the official of the Museum or garden for them the fee will be $2.

Fountain and Firework Shows

In the Longwood Gardens there was a fountain and firework shows goes on which is one of the best attraction of the visitors. There are some rules and regulation which you have to follow during the show there should be mask on every visitor and during your visit to the garden mask is must in both public space indoor and outdoor.

Once you leave the garden you are not allowed to enter the garden again so be careful about your things check that you have taken all your belongings. Re-entry is only allowed to the visitor only upon the wristband. If the program cancel or postponed the ticket holders will be soon informed. It is advised to the visitors to visit early before the programs starts so that they have enough time to set their position or seat. It should be kept in mind no Blankets allowed or stroller,however strollers are allowed through out the garden. Tripod or monopod are not allowed during the show.Photography and video also not allowed  during the show not even on tablets and mobiles.

Best Time to Visit The Longwood Gardens?

The best time is during Christmas this is magical visit to the Longwood Garden, the garden allow the entry 365 days but during the vacations the best time to experience the beauty. Mid April and mid October is also best time to visit the Longwood Garden.

Gardens are place of relaxing and enjoying the greenery. Longwood Gardens educate their visitors and that is the reason people and children love to explore the place and enjoy the natures beauty.

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