Beautiful Place Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is located in West Texas America. It is an American national park near Mexico. The park is named after a large bend in the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo.

The Big Bend National Park is inhabitant by more than 450 species just of birds and 75 kind of species of mammals and more than 56 species of reptiles not only animals but in the park, there are also 1200 species of plants also. Stargazing is also one of the activities there also there are programs which are led by Big Bend National Park.

Big Bend National Park is one of the largest national parks in America and it comes in fifteen positions. The area of the park is 801163 acres and is the large and biggest area of the Chihuahuan desert in the US. The Park is really popular for its beauty which includes the sea, dinosaurs’ bones and also volcanic dikes, and fossil soil.

The home of Marathon, Study Butte, Lajitas, Terlingua Ghost Town, and The Big Bend National Park offers service and entertainment you also. There are resorts for accommodation and for your comfort and luxury. Many outdoor activities are also there for your education and knowledge. Activities involve horse riding, mountain bicycling, hiking, camping, jeep touring, river rafting and running,

The best time to visit for the beauty of the park is spring during spring. The temperature during the period has become a little mild and not very hot and not too cold for you to roam around and explore the Big Bend, National Park.

Big Bend National Park –  Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for the Big Bend National Park is $30 per vehicle and it varies according to the vehicle for any motorcycle it will be $25 per motorcycle and $15 for any person entering without a vehicle.

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