Famous Name Una Johnson Wiki, Husband, Son, Age, Height

Una Johnson, the first wife of Rocky Johnson a very popular wrestler. Where is Una now and what she is doing? Is she still alive? Where she is living?
All about Rocky’s wife Una will be disclosed in the article. Keep reading. 

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It was around the 1960s when Rocky Johnson and Una Johnson met at the dancing event.

It was the time when Una was moved to stay with her family in Toronto and Rocky was also staying there in Toronto. and he practices wrestling there.

Rocky and Una met in the dancing event when they first saw each other and they had a crush on each other finally, they talked and exchanged numbers.

It is the beginning of the love story. They start dating each other.

Around six months after their meeting, they decided to married as they were in love with each other madly, and the wrestler also stated that he was tired of living alone in Toronto.

They married in 1966, although there is not much information or any pictures of the event available.

Who Is Una Johnson?

Famous Name Una Johnson Wiki, Husband, Son, Age, Height
Name Una Johnson
Age91 Years
Height5 Feet 6 Inch
Weight60 Kg
Date Of Birth/Death1905 – April 28, 1997
Birth PlaceCanada
Death PlaceNew York, USA
HusbandRocky Johnson
SonCurtis Bowles

Una Spark is a lady who married the late former wrestler Rocky Johnson (father of wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson) and Una Spark became Una Johnson.

Una Johnson living a life without any media attention and that is the reason much information about Una is not available.

Una was born in Nova Scotia and raised in Cherrybrook. (African Canadian community) Cherrybrook is away 15 miles from Halifax.

There is no such knowledge about Una’s siblings, family, and her education, as she chooses to live a private life away from the media.

Una Johnson Rocky Johnson Divorced

After a long decade of marriage, the couple decided to part as their thought differed.

A strong relationship needs an understanding, a lack of understanding of your spouse will lead you to divorce. All that is happening with this couple.

Una was raised in Jehovah’s Witness where sports that cause blood are not allowed.

As Rocky gets success in his wrestling career he becomes more and more involved in the sport which is the reason for their difference and problems start arising in their married life.

It ended in 1978 after 11 years of their marriage. But there is a point that he divorced her in 1978 but he welcomed his third child Dwayne Johnson in 1972 to Ata Johnson.

This leads to two speculations that maybe Rocky cheated on her and when she came to know about it they divorced.

After their divorce, they were still friends and all the 3 children share the same bonding, and they often share pictures of each other on social media.

Where Is Una And Is She Still Alive?

This is the question many times asked by people, it is believed that she is still alive and living somewhere away from social media, As her children share a picture of their mother and on mothers Day 2021 also greet her. 

Also, many of her childhood friends wish her well and greet her showing that she is alive.

On the other hand, Rocky Johnson died at the age of 75 in 2020 January due to a pulmonary embolism. Rocky died at his residence in Lutz, Florida.

This wrestler after being divorced from her first wife also married 3 times. His second marriage was to Ata Johnson, his Third marriage to Dana Martin, and his fourth time married to Shiela Northern.

Una Johnson always chooses to be away from social life but her children share her photo and greed her on Mother’s Day showing that her children love and respect their mother very much.

There is not much information about the first wife of Rocky Johnson as she chose to live away.

In the annals of professional wrestling, the name Rocky Johnson stands tall as one of the industry’s legends. A pioneer, an icon, and a trailblazer, Rocky Johnson’s impact on sports entertainment is indelible. But behind every great man lies a woman whose strength and support often remain unsung. Una Johnson, the wife of Rocky Johnson, is one such figure whose story deserves recognition and celebration.

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