Telephone Music Video Sequel by Beyonce And Lady Gaga, Is It Just A Hint?

Beyonce and Lady Gaga finally be working on the sequel, It has been 14 years since they released the Telephone music video, and With just a hint of a sequel, curiosity can be seen among fans.

On February 11, Queen Bey once again stunned the world when she revealed her upcoming album, Act ii of her three-act project, and released the first two tracks, Texas Hold ‘Em and 16 Carriages. Fans speculate, nevertheless, that she may work with Gaga again on Act II which releases on March 29.

The two collaborated on the 2010 short film Telephone which was a follow-up to Gaga’s Paparazzi video, in which she gets detained after killing her partner. In the ten-minute video, Beyonce releases Gaga from custody and then the two go on another killing spree.

To be continued… appears on screen as the two hold hands and depart the crime site. That promise of a sequel remains unfulfilled fourteen years later. However, the Beyhive and Little Monsters believe that the much-anticipated sequel might be occurring shortly because of several visual cues.

When Was Telephone Music Video Release?

The telephone music video was released in 2010 on 10 March. It has been 14 years since the album was released. But the sequel still makes the fans wait for the video ends with to continue which is a promise for the sequel.

Telephone received positive reviews from critics and the music was outstanding and loved by the fans. The album also got a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals and won an ASCAP Pop Music Award and a BMI Award.

The song charts on top in many countries Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Netherlands, Canada, and Hungary. The album on number 3 in the US. The album was very successful in Europe. Almost 7. 4 million copies worldwide in 2010.

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