Sean Strickland Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth

MMA Mixed martial arts fighters emerge as skilled athletes and as compelling personalities. Sean Strickland born star. He was a well-known Martial artist born on 27 February 1991, in Anaheim, California.

As a middleweight contender, Strickland has showcased his prowess inside the cage, earning a reputation as a formidable force with a promising future. In this article, we’ll explore the life, career, and fighting style of Sean Strickland.

Sean is an American Martial artist and currently competes in the Middleweight division of UFC.

He has been a professional artist since 2008. If you have an interest in his biography, height, weight, age, and net worth, read the post till the end.

Sean Strickland Biography

Sean Strickland Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth
NameSean Thomas Strickland
Age32 Years
Date Of Birth27 February 1991
Birth PlaceAnaheim, California, United States
Height1.85 m
Weight84 kg
Net Worth$1 million
ProfessionMartial Artist

Sean Thomas Strickland is his full name, born in 1991 on 27 February in Anaheim, California, United States. He was raised in Corona California, US his birthplace. He made his profession in MMA and debuted in 2008, competing in regional promotions to gain experience and refine his craft.

He is a mixed martial artist and mixed martial artist is one of the most watched sports, and many martial artists have become a household name.

If you have ever watched mixed martial arts you must have known about Sean. His early success showcased his well-rounded skill set, blending striking finesse with a solid ground game.

Sean Strickland Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth

He is an American mixed martial artist and also a former king of the cage middleweight champion. Currently, he is competing in the middleweight of UFC.

Since 2008 he has been working as a professional competitor. Currently, he stands the 7th in UFC middleweight rank.

He was really upset with the atmosphere at home, his father was physically and mentally abusive which is the reason he did not attend any one school he needed to change it every time.

Sean had developed an interest in martial arts from a very young age. He started training in martial arts when he was 14 years old. After practicing for more than 10 years he made his professional debut in 2008 for the King Of the Cage promotion.

He fights for the King of the Cage Middleweight and in 2012 he fought with Josh Bryant at KOTC: Unification. He won the fight and defeated Jost Bryant.

Sean Strickland’s Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at $1 million, but this information is not confirmed by Sean Strickland. Most of his income comes from UFC fights and also MMA Promotions.

Seans Strickland’s Journey Of Mixed Martial Arts

Sean Strickland

Sean’s journey in martial arts initially took shape in traditional disciplines such as karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. However, it wasn’t long before he discovered the allure of MMA. The sport’s dynamic nature, combining striking and grappling techniques, goes with Strickland, motivating him to pursue a career that would test his skills across multiple disciplines.

Sean made his professional debut in 2008 in MMA competing in regional promotions to gain experience and refine his craft. As he continued to rack up victories, his reputation as a formidable fighter began to grow. Strickland’s early success showcased his well-rounded skill set, blending striking finesse with a solid ground game.

Sean Strickland Notable Fights

Throughout his career, he has engaged in memorable battles that have left a lasting impact on MMA enthusiasts. His encounters with fellow middleweight competitors have showcased his ability to adapt to different styles and his resilience in the face of adversity.

One of Strickland’s standout performances was his clash against Uriah Hall, a seasoned striker with a dangerous arsenal. Strickland’s measured approach and calculated aggression led to a unanimous decision victory, highlighting his strategy in high-stakes matchups.


Sean’s journey in mixed martial arts has been marked by perseverance, skill development, and his commitment to excellence. From his early days exploring martial arts to his current status as a top middleweight contender in the UFC, his story is one of continuous evolution and adaptation. Sean Strickland’s impact on the world of MMA goes beyond his achievements inside the cage. His unique fighting style, and candid personality.

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Q: Who is Sean Strickland?

Sean Strickland is a professional mixed martial artist (MMA) who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is known for his skills in both striking and grappling.

Q: What is Sean Strickland’s fighting style?

Strickland is known for his well-rounded fighting style, incorporating both striking and grappling techniques. He has shown proficiency in striking, particularly with his boxing skills, as well as solid ground game.

Q: When did Sean Strickland start his MMA career?

Sean Strickland began his professional MMA career in 2008. However, he gained more prominence after joining the UFC.

Q: Which weight class does Sean Strickland compete in? A: As of my last knowledge update, Sean Strickland competed in the Middleweight division of the UFC.

Q: What is Sean Strickland’s UFC record? A: To get the most current information on Sean Strickland’s UFC record, please check the latest records on the official UFC website or reliable sports news sources.

Q: Has Sean Strickland won any championships in the UFC?

Sean Strickland had not won a UFC championship.

Q: What is Sean Strickland’s fighting nickname?

Sean Strickland did not have a widely recognized fighting nickname. Fighters sometimes acquire nicknames throughout their careers, so this information may have changed.

Q: What is Sean Strickland’s fighting background?

Sean Strickland has a background in mixed martial arts.

Q: How can I keep up with Sean Strickland’s latest fights and news?

To stay updated on Sean Strickland’s latest fights and news, you can follow him on social media platforms, check the official UFC website, or follow reputable sports news outlets.