Popular Best Wii Games Of All Time

Best Wii Games was a game console developed by Nintendo.It is a home based video game console. Wii was first released in North America in 2006. Wii is a Seventh Generation game console like Xbox and PlayStation. Read about Best PSP Games.

Some games that are best wii games that played on the home console are as follows.

Rock Band 3 – 1st no. in the list best wii games

The Rock Band 3 best WIi game one of the best music video game which was developed in the year 2010 Harmonix and was distributed and published by the MTV games. In 2010 october Mad Catz took over and released in 2011.

Super Smash Bros Brawl – 2nd no. in the list best wii games

Developed by Sora Ltd it was released in 2008 worldwide by Nintendo. It was game based on the crossover fighting The new characters that are playable in the game are Meta Knight, the angelic archer,the sword-wielding nemesis of Kirby Like the other game released for the Wii game console this game was fun and time pass.

Super Mario Galaxy – 3rd no. in the list best wii games

Super Mario Galaxy  was the wii best game of the year 2001. Mario was very famous game everyone must have played in their childhood. The most lovable game. In this Mario galaxy you can explore the galaxy. The Princess Peach in the game has to rescue by the player. Mario chase and explore the planets and you can  see Mario making great jumps as he is in space.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 4th no in the list best wii games

Like Super Mario Galaxy this Super Mario Galaxy 2 has some added features that are just make you play the game but in the game you are exported in the fully new galaxy. Sometimes in the game Mario can pair with his dinosaur Yoshi who is Mario’s buddy and he grab things with his tongue. Overal player will enjoy the game.

World of Goo

World of Goo was developed and published by the independent game developer 2D Boy. Microsoft windows release the game for Wii in 2008. A very interesting puzzle video game which become love of most of the gamer.  In the game a small ball of goo used to built the structure. Overall a very good game for Wii.

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5 from the name you can guess. Guitar Hero allow you to play music on guitar and listen.In this game player can customize his own music playing. It was new and easy method to learn Guitar also. It become quite popular among the players.This game was released in 2005.

Dj Hero 2

Dj Hero 2 was a sequel of most famous and loved game Dj Hero.Like the Guitar Hero the rhythm game this Dj Hero was also a Rhythm based video game.The game uses the special turntable-controller. Player can record song and also work on music. one of the best Wii game of all time.

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