Kit Harington Height, Age, Wife, Net Worth & More

Kit Harington height, weight, age, and net worth, An actor earn international recognition from the HBO TV series Game of Thrones. Want to know more about him, keep reading to know more about the actor. He won several awards for his performance as Joe Snow in Game of Thrones.

Who Is Kit Harington?

Kit Harington full name is Christopher Catesby Kit Harington born in 1986 on 26 December is an English actor. He made his acting debut with the role of Albert Naracott in 2009 in War Horse at the National Theater.

Kit Harington height

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He was born in London, in the house of Deborah Jane who is a former playwright, and his father Sir David Harington who was a businessman. Until he was 11 years he did not know his full name. He belongs to an Ancient family his father is 15 Baronet, his uncle is 14 Baronet, and his patrilineal great-grandfather was Sir Richard Harington 12 Baronet.

In 2011 he got a chance to work in Game of Thrones as Joe Snow in the HBO Series Game of Thrones. earned him several awards.

Kit Harington Height And Weight

Kit Harington height

What are Kit Harington’s height and weight? Kit Harington is an English actor who was recognized for the Game of Thrones series on HBO. His Height is recorded as 5 feet 6 inches. In an interview with CQ, he claims that his height is 5 feet 8 inches, and his height is always a subject of debate.

In another interview, a reporter claims that he is 5 feet 6 inches.  We believe that his height is 5 feet 8 inches as he can easily increase his height up to 2 inches.

Unknown Facts About Kit Harington

Kit Harrington real name is Christopher Catesby Kit Harington and this he did not know till he reached 11 years. That is strange his real name is Christopher and he did not know it.

He was named after the famous playwright Christopher Marlowe. He was named Christopher by her mother because  Christopher Marlowe was her inspiration. Christopher Marlowe was also the Inspiration of great playwright William Shakespeare. Kit told in an interview with Huffington Post that he also liked writing poetry and his mother was also a playwright.

His height is 5 feet 8 inches, Once he revealed an incident that once in a bar a woman came to him and said you just look like Jon Snow and he said yes I am to which a woman said he is taller than you.

He revealed that a night before the audition for Game of Thrones he was in McDonald’s late at night with his date and there he fought with the guy and had a black eye, that black eye helped him get the role. The man makes rude comments to his date and he fights with him. Luckily he got a Game of Thrones.

There was a rumor about Kit Harrington that he was related to the guy John Harrington who invented the first Flush toilet which was created for Queen Elizabeth I, He confirmed that it was true actually.

He hates to celebrate his birthday because he said he was born on December 26 and that also goes with Christmas and it has been a challenge to celebrate the occasion. Born on the second day of Christmas is a holiday. He further said he never got attention.

He uses a wig, and curly hair is not always his trademark. Later he keeps his hair long for the role of Jon Snow. That one episode did not air.

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